Friday, August 17

Goodbye Clayton

Clayton had a stroke after leaving us Mon night. He made his last trip to the vet on Tuesday. You can read more on Shannon’s blog. We just wanted to say our goodbyes.

Clayton and his sister Jasmine were part of our haul from our trip to Orlando last fall. We picked him up from the GPA Orlando rescue kennel and brought him to his new mommy.

Here are a couple of the first shots of Clayton at the rescue kennel. What a sweet soulful face.

Clayton and Jasmine with their mommy at a party we had a few weeks after bringing them up.

It’s a good thing we are not superstitious or paranoid. We were supposed to babysit Asia last Christmas, but she had a problem with her heart and never made it. Then we lost our Lucas. We lost Clayton this week after staying with us. And we were supposed to watch Jasmine & Sandy this weekend, but we just found out that Jasmine was riddled with Cancer and was put down.
Here is Clayton’s last picture where he is holding hands with Stella.
Goodbye Clayton! Say Hi to Lucas for us.


  1. i thought i just saw a photo of him recently. then i figured he must have looked like another. but no. the photo of him with stella.

    i'm sorry. it's hard to lose them when we can't even tell them how much we loved them. i'm glad he got a dose of stella before he took off to heavenly, poo-filled pastures.

  2. lucas has another friend to keep him company now. though we just met him, we could tell just what a special grey he was. it is a terrible loss...2007 has been filled with so many. i hope we are done now.

  3. Please send big hugs from us. I am so sorry for the loss of such another beautifl grey. 2007 has seen so many greys leave us. I am pretty sure there is a party going on at the rainbow bridge : )