Wednesday, April 30

Picker's Meet n Greet

We had our first Meet and Greet this year in downtown Fredericksburg. We had to postpone from last Sunday due to heavy rain. We got a little drizzle this time, but cleared up after a little bit.

Stanley and Jaime are always trading off as each other’s headrest. Hey sis, can I borrow a couple of bucks? What, did you already spend your allowance?
It didn’t take long for Sidney to find a quiet spot to take a nap.
Stanley decided to join Meagan and Sidney. This just left the girls to do all the meeting and greeting.
Roxy striking a pose. Such a cute little face.
Tempest in her ‘I hear a Harley’ pose. Not sure what she would do if she actually caught one. I think she just wants a ride, so she can feel the wind in her hair.
Whyda flirting with a couple who were very interested in adopting a greyhound. Work your magic girl.
Whyda snagged the ‘Free Hugs’ guy. She was in a huggy-kissy mood. By this point, Stella was done. Free Hugs. Whatever. My daddy says not to take hugs from strangers. Wait. This is a Meet n Greet. That’s what it’s all about. Whatever. I’m done giving out kisses. Can we go home now, daddy?

Sunday, April 27

Spring is Definitely Here!

It’s been getting warmer and raining for the past month. This has been a longer Spring than we are used to around here. Not that I’m complaining. Having a few weeks to sit out on the deck, grilling yummy food, and have a nice glass of wine before it becomes unbearably hot is a good thing.
Our lilac was one of the first to bloom. The butterflies and bumble bees appreciated it.
Mmm! This nectar is yummy.

Ms. Butterfly. Save some for me!

All the pollen in the air made Jaime so sleepy, she could barely stay on her bed.

Sunday, April 20

Another Average Week For the Kids

Mmm. Turkey burgers. One for me. Another for the kids. The kids get happy when I light up the Big Green Egg.

Stanley math. Found a stick in the yard. Think I’ll take it in, so I can play with it later. Hope it fits in the door. Guess not.

Went to Trina’s for the weekend. It’s always nice when two alphas respect each other. Doesn’t mean they have to snuggle together.

Stanley roaching on the couch. I decided to join him for a little nap.

Daddy, make sure not to get my rump in the picture.
Jaime working on her tan for bikini season. Enjoy the few days of nice weather before it becomes oppressively hot and humid.
Where’s Jaime? We take the dog beds out on the deck so the kids can comfortably join us outside. I brought them back in and stacked them. Jaime didn’t feel it necessary to get out of the way.

As seen in Trina’s last blog entry, Stanley + couch = ETS. He’s even added a little nose drip this time for good measure.

We went to the Monticello Wine Festival this past weekend. The weather on Saturday was beautiful. In the 80’s with a breeze. Wine tasting made us hungry. Some skewered meats and crab cake sandwich washed down with more wine. Kris: I’m pretty sure that’s right! Trina: Woman, are you sure?

Sunday, April 6

Jaime's Gotcha Day & Musical Greyhounds

Today is Jaime’s Gotcha Day. One whole year. Sometimes she still has that look like we’re gonna give her away. We’ve had enough fosters come and go in the past year, so hopefully she understands she’s here for good. We love our sensitive smiling girl.

Jaime was returned from two homes before settling with us. Maybe that’s why we had a rash of returns this week. In the past five days, we’ve played musical greyhounds with three girls who were returned. Amazingly, it looks like two of them have already found new homes, and only one is in foster.
I picked up Nellie on Wed. I would later pick up her sister, Tigress on Saturday. Their mommy is in the National Guard and was called into active service in Iraq. This is not a political blog, so I will just say that this really sucks. I picked up Bella on Friday, and swapped her for Tigress on Saturday.
Nellie sticking her tongue out without opening her mouth.

How does she achieve this feat? That is quite the overbite.
Nellie says, ‘I will eat you and make you part of me’.
Instant chimera. The Jaime-Nellie Siamese greyhound.

After separation surgery, Nellie celebrated by hopping around on one foot.

Bella is a sweet girl. She didn’t get to run around much after arriving at our house. After a few romps in the yard, she managed to rip off a toenail. After cleaning, antiobiotic ointment, wrapping in gauze and vet wrap, topped off with a boot, she really didn’t feel like running around the yard. So her pics are of her resting on the dog bed.

Tigress is sad that she’s been moving around so much lately.

She perked up when she heard we had a Meet ‘n Greet that afternoon. She got to make to lots of new friends.
So I will end this entry the same way as the last one. We are back to just our kids. Bella went to a home visit on Saturday and ended up staying there. Nellie made the rounds at the Meet ‘n Greet, and she caught the hearts of a family that recently adopted two greys. Tigress went to another foster family in the area.

Wednesday, April 2

Abigail and Sunny Adopted

I got up at 5am on Saturday to meet the hauler at 6am. We called them the night before, and they were on schedule. At 7:30am, Kris calls to say that they are way behind. I ended up driving down to Ashland to meet them, so they wouldn’t have to stop in Fredericksburg just for me. Another adoption group was picking up 6 greys. Me, just one. Cute little black girl named Gs Chica. She was spunky from the time she got out of the hauler. Tiny little thing. Figure her couch weight will be about 60 lbs. Though, I walked her for about 10 minutes, she thought it better to wait till she got in the car to go poo.
Kris gave her a bath before taking her to her new family, so she smelled of shampoo instead of just poo. Chica is now known as Abigail. Her new mommy and daddy love her so much already, she now has a blog of her own at Greyhound Lass. I got a few pics of her before she left.

Is that really a fake rock? That is so 70’s.

Drying herself after her bath. Run Abigail Run

What a cute tiny little head. Don’t you just wanta kiss it?
Tired of posing for the camera, Abigail gives me the stinkeye. ‘If I’m gonna pose for you like a model, I get paid in treats, mister’

Abigail took one look at the stuffies and decided this is way better than the track life.

We are now back to our regular crew. Abigail got adopted on Saturday. Sunflower, now called Sunny, was adopted on Sunday. She wouldn’t look at the camera because there was a kitty in the street taunting her.