Sunday, December 30

Recycled Toys

The original plan was to sign off on the old house, and use the proceeds for the new house. The buyers had a first-time buyers government loan which took longer than expected to get approval. So we had a two houses for a month. Finally signed off just before Christmas.
Stanley understood the situation and decided to help out by recycling toys. While I was blowing leaves, he found a couple of toys in the yard from the Yellow Lab who lived here. The wiffle ball has become a favorite.

Tuesday, December 18

Fredericksburg Xmas Parade

A couple of weekends ago, we attended the annual Fredericksburg Christmas Parade. The weather was unseasonably warm, and about 10,000 people showed up. We lined up early to save our spot near the front.
Parker: Why am I the only non-greyhound here?
I like your hat. I like your antlers. Thanks.
As it got darker, time to turn on the lights.
Daddy, are my antlers on straight?
A greyhound 3-way. Poor Sly had to support both Jaime and Stanley.
Even that wasn’t enough, and Stanley finally called it quits.
Get up Stan. The parade is starting.

Sunday, December 9

Settling In

We’e been at the new house for a couple of weeks now. Unpacking is such a chore, but a glass of wine definitely helps the process.
The kids have settled in nicely. With Kevin anchoring the couch, the girls barely noticed the difference.
We didn’t have one at the last house, so Stanley wanted to know what this gas fireplace thing was all about.
Our very first visitor was Trina’s Shane. He took the corner bed to catch the first morning rays.
Our second visitors were Sunday and Finley (litter mates) who are now only 10 minutes away, so we will probably be seeing much more of them. Sunday is always on alert.
Finley is a snuggle bunny. Stella doesn’t seem to mind.
Couch space was always at a premium.
So was bed space.
My niece and nephew did not want to wait until we were totally unpacked, so the whole family came to visit. The kids were happy to have so many people handing out treats. Except for Stella who stayed on the couch under the protection of Kevin the entire time. She was not going to play their reindeer games.
Edo heard that this was a snuggle couch.
This is not so much Stella snuggling with Jaime, as it is Jaime was there first, and Stella wanted it.
Help momma, I’m being smothered.
Too late.
The kids have really been enjoying sniffing around the yard. The property is 4.75 acres with about 1 acre fenced in. If you look closely, you can see Shane at the bottom and Finley at the top.
The view from the deck. The yard backs up to a pond.  I used to rake, but finally broke down and got a gas leaf blower. Ten hours and a week later, the yard is clear.
This puts us only 20 minutes from Trina. Let the festivities begin.