Tuesday, July 30

Stella the Beta Testing Queen

Whenever we get anything new, especially dog beds, Stella has to be the first one to try it out. Make sure it’s okay for everyone to use.
Since her amputation, Stella has refused to relearn how to do stairs. This led to jumping the only stairs we have leading from the upper to lower deck. It’s only 3 steps, but being a bit wobbly, she would wipe out sometimes, and skinned the top of her feet pretty badly. So, we carried her up and down the stairs. That got old really quickly. Then we dragged our old ramp and slapped it on the stairs. Not as easy as it sounds, as it felt like it weighed a ton.
This made Stella very happy as there are no longer any stairs to deal with.
From the yard.
To the house.
When I tried to get a video, she wouldn’t cooperate. The elapsed coaxing time of this video was over 5 minutes.
I recently got my official company car. No more rentals. I loved my Forester, but the Ford Escape is quite cute.
It also backs up perfectly into the gate, so the kids can easily hop on in.

Stella approves. She is ready to ride in comfort to Grapehounds NY. 

Wednesday, July 24

Parker turns 14

Just a few days after Stanley, Parker turned 14 yesterday. As the original pup in the family, we didn’t want him to feel underappreciated.
Everyone ate well. Even Stella.

I’m an old man. I need to rest after a big meal.
He’s still the best snuggle pup.

Monday, July 22

Stanley Turns 11

Stanley turned 11 this past weekend. He was a bit sad that Jaime was not here to celebrate it with him, since their birthdays are so close to each other. The following are iPhone and iPad pics, so sorry for any quality issues.
I had planned on grilling a Filet Mignon for Stan, but it was pouring rain outside, so he got it pan-seared.
Stanley doesn’t care a lick for presentation, but we wanted it to look pretty.
Nom, Nom, Nom. 
Stella was happy to eat the steak too. But a normal meal for Stella looks like this. Several choices of kibble.
She noses it away. Nope, not interested. Nor the freshly cooked hamburger.
But I will have more of this baby food. Every meal we go through this.

Friday, July 19

Miss Mia

We’ve been missing a certain black energetic girl in the house. Mia filled the spot for a week. She was recently adoped by Sabrina’s family. Sabrina was so special to her family, we weren’t sure they would adopt another after her.
Miss Goldilocks starts searching for the perfect bed. Parker’s bed is a bit small.
If you can’t find the perfect bed, just make it the way you want it. And throw in one of my Five Fingers for good measure.
Maybe I’ll try Parker’s other bed.
I promise not to eat this one.

Nevermind, I think I found a much better place to sleep.

Monday, July 15

Local Culture

With Summer in full swing, we are getting a taste of the local culture our new house has to offer. 
There are lots of deer around here. I see fresh hoof prints in the yard every day. With babies, it’s easier to go around the fence.
Hey mister, I’m a fawn greyhound. Want to adopt me? Not really, you’re the reason I come in with a tick on me every time I do yard work.
Dragonflies are always buzzing about.
We have colorful mini Komodo dragons. The blue-tailed skink’s tail will break off and wiggle, distracting a predator, while it makes a hasty escape. Must be great to be able to regenerate body parts.
We have huge moths. That is a 77mm lens cap for perspective.
Baby toad. I'm camouflaged. You can't see me.
Meet Mr. Toad. He is fat from eating such moths.
He hangs out at the garage door under the light we leave on for the kids to potty at night. Moths literally drop into his mouth.
Sometimes he is joined by the other Mr. Toad. They remind me of the BBC cooking show's 'Two Fat Ladies'.
Our favorite visitors are the hummingbirds. We have two pair. They are always dive-bombing each other.

Ahh, sweet nectar. They buzz our heads to let us know when it’s time to refill.

Wednesday, July 3

Jaime: Longest Foster Ever

We lost Jaime this past weekend. We are glad she made it to her 11th birthday. She recovered quickly, and we cherished the extra months we had with her. She was a trooper and put up a good fight. It was a year ago for her 10th that we got Kevin for her birthday present.
We wanted to take her to Grapehounds NY at the end of the month. We had missed Grapehounds VA, since it was the weekend after Stella’s surgery.
Our doggie day breaker passed away about a month ago. She and Jaime really had a bond. Jaime will now have her own personal pet sitter.
Through no fault of her’s, Jaime had bounced twice by the time she made it to our house. Her racing name was Black Majik Lass.
Kris asked ‘how do you feel about a black dog’? I said we already have a black dog (Parker). We took her to the local St. Patty’s Day parade, and someone saw her, wanted her, put in an application to get her, and Kris was going to take Jaime to the home visit. Till she cried and said she didn’t want to give her up.
Since then, I always told Jaime she was the 'Longest Foster Ever'. What was supposed to be an overnight stay, turned into a great addition to our family
She was a smiler and a Hoopty. Even after her amputation, she would bounce up and down on her one good leg during feeding time.
Stella and Stanley’s pic is in the runner up article for losing a greyhound and adopting again in the winter 2012 CG magazine. Guess it would have been more appropriate to have Jaime’s pic in there. 
We don’t question that we will have more greys. Maybe even sooner than later. When we lost our first boy, Lucas, it only took a couple of weeks before Stanley was on his way up to be a part of our family. Here is the last pic I took of Jaime. She is doing what she loved best. Taking naps on the bed with her brother and sister.
Osteo: The club no one wants to join. Another blogging greyhound was recently lost to Osteo over at Tales and Tails. And another recently joined the dreaded club at Shutterhounds.

We will always remember Jaime for the sweet flower girl she was.