Sunday, April 26

Dr. Couto, Easter Parade, and Wine Festival

A couple of weekends ago, VAGA had Dr. Couto come talk about his Greyhound Health and Wellness Program at Ohio State University. Check out more at the VAGA Fast Blast.The ubiquitous overhead shot. Going clockwise from bottom left is Dottie, Kris, Parker undercover, Sabrina, Stella, Jaime, Stanley, Peaches, with Sanberg, and Carly in the middle.We left the two little ones and took the greys to the Easter Parade on Monument Ave in Richmond. Peaches looking like a Southern Belle is attracted to the Boxer’s bad boy look. The smear in the picture is from Peaches nosing the lens a few moments before.‘Come on, can I just the eat the kid already?’My view for most of the parade.Carly is Sanberg and Dottie’s sister. Aint’s she a cutie? She looks like a beagle-dachshund mix. And boy can she snore.Dottie takes care of her foster sister, Peaches, by cleaning her ears.Parker and Abby with Jaime and Stella sunning themselves on the deck.Abby’s new brother Blue. Now that’s a needle nose.With all the rain lately, the grass is lush. But Parker decides to lie down in some good ol’ dirt.Sabrina found out why everyone loves Parker’s bed.The weather was just great for the Monticello Wine Festival. We got there early, so it wasn’t that crowded yet. Rob splurged and got a deep-fried candy bar. Yummy!After a few tastings, the crew takes a stab at synchronized dancing while waiting in line for the next winery.

Saturday, April 11

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry!

Since Trina and I have lots of the same pictures, I will try not to duplicate her NYC blog entry. She is right that we went to NYC to eat and drink interspersed with sightseeing.
If you squint, you can see the Statue of Liberty in the background. I came into the U.S. via Seattle, so no Ellis Island for me.Trina & Kris snugging with the Wall St. Bull.Kris couldn’t resist feeling up this red cube sculpture.Kris gets a bit teary at the photo wall in the World Trade Center Memorial Museum.This looks like a tasty beer made by the local Heartland Brewery.We polished off some Peking duck along with some noodle soup. Really hit the spot after walking around sightseeing all day.We managed to make sense of the NYC subway and not get lost.We got an upgraded room, and it was still tiny. Wonder what it takes to get the Penthouse room at the W Hotel across the street.Waiting at the bar at Frankie and Johnnie’s.Jason managed to kill his T-Bone.The girls play drunken rock, scissors, paper at the Hilton Garden Inn bar at Times Square.Getting the royal treatment at FAO Schwartz.A required touristy shot at Rockefeller Center.The Apple Store Mothership. I could spend all day in there!Miche and Tim join us for a drink before we got to Gordon Ramsay at the London for dinner.We did a farewell walk through a sliver of Central Park before getting in the car to head back home. Just like I imagined. Joggers, horse-drawn carriages, and hot dog carts all in one place.