Friday, February 24


Isabel would have been 13 this year. She took one last trip to the vet this morning. We had been doing our best to control her kidney stones, but it finally got to the point where she couldn’t keep her food down.
I got her from a friend who found her at the dumpster at a carwash. She was my first pet at the age of 30. She was such a sweet kitty. She used to sleep under the covers with me. When I moved in with Kris, Isabel learned to live with two other kitties and Parker.
When the greyhounds came into the picture, the kitties were allowed to run free, but Isabel and Greyson decided it was a quieter and safer in the basement.
Needless to say, Greyson is one unhappy camper about being the only kitty in the house.
Bye sweet Isabel. The kidney stones will bother you no longer.

Sunday, February 19

Nap Time

I’m not sure if I take after them, or they take after me, but nap time is a ritual here. The last post showed me with the pups. But they are just as happy to snuggle with each other.
Not a few seconds after the baby gate is removed after putting clean sheets on the bed, the kids are ready for a nap.
Really, Jaime? Good thing that is not Stella tooty rump.
Yes, Stella. You managed to pull three blankets off the back of the couch. And throw in a pillow just in case.
A three way of ankles, feet, and nose. Does it smell like Fritos?
The larger picture. Stanley throws in ETS for good measure.
It really is hard to remember when Stella got all growly when we first got Jaime. Now Stella does not just tolerate it, sometimes she initiates it.
Nap time is over for Jaime when food is involved. Momma, I really wants that cookie!!!

Wednesday, February 15

On the Couch

I guess I am not the only photographer in the house. Kris went crazy with her iPhone. She posted it on her Facebook page, but not everyone is on FB. I’m not. What happens on your couch?
Here I am training Jaime to take a pretzel from my mouth. Is that a bad thing? She is so food motivated, it didn’t take long. She was very gentle.
Stella does not need a reason to attack my face. She loves her daddy.
Sometimes there just isn’t enough space on the couch, and we just have to share. Stanley started out roaching, but Kris decided that this was a better shot. One FB comment said that it looked like a Shakespearean tragedy.

Sunday, February 12

Ms. Lilly and More Snow

We haven’t had a true foster in a while. Ms. Lilly was with us for a few days. She whispers sweet nothings in Stanley’s ear.Lilly reminded us of Jaime when we first got her. Very black with white chest and white footsies.
On Saturday, the sun was out and temps in the mid-40’s. Within one hour, the temp dropped more than 15 degrees, an inch of snow fell from the skies, then the sun came back out. Watch out Stella, looks like there is a stalled greyhound on the ramp.
Parker is better built for snow, and doesn’t mind the cold so much.
Stella returning from doing her business at the far end of the yard, shows off her close to the ground, low center of gravity style of running in the snow.
Jaime doesn’t really enjoy the cold. She came back in from the hard icy ground to find the softest warmest place on the couch.
Abby and Blue have been with us the past week. Abby could always be found in her favorite spot, the mini-couch bed in front of the tv.
Blue mulit-tasks by shaking the bejabbers out of a stuffie, then using it as a pillow.

Wednesday, February 8

Close Ups

Took some random close up shots of the kids.
Stella looking Needle-Nosey.
Jaime napping with her head in the toy basket.
Parker showing one of the few front teefers still hanging on.
Stella teefers.
Stella maximizing her space on the couch.

Saturday, February 4

Little Bit of Snow

A couple of weeks ago, we had a little bit of snow fall in the area. Not much. And it didn’t hang around long. As our 2012 has mostly been in the 50-60s, I’m not complaining.
A little snow didn’t stop the kids from their potty break.
Stella does not like it when I follow her around while she tries to do her business.
Jaime uses 4-paw traction to make it back up the ramp.
One poor greyhound was left outside in the cold.