Sunday, August 23

The Dirty Dozen

How do I top my last staycation babysitting adventure. With even more greyhounds of course. Dinner time was always a bit chaotic. We fed them all at once instead of shifts. It took a few days before everyone got used to their new eating spots.The original dirty dozen included Sunny who overlapped with Maggie being dropped off, so we actually had 13 dogs in the house for a few hours. But I wasn’t able to get a picture before she left. Clockwise from Parker on the couch is Jaime, Stella, Stanley, Joe, Tristan, Maggie, Soozie, Billy, with Sara (Blue), and Abby, and Blue in the middle.Our muzzle rack was barely big enough.Soozie and Sara decide to share a dog bed.Maggie looks just like her mother, Ally.Soozie: Eek! I think Jaime just tooted on me!Jaime wants some attention. Just vicious I tell ya.The sun was beating down on the deck. So the the black greyhound tanning club came out to catch some rays.Billy just came up from Florida, but is staying with us for a week while his new mommy is on vacation.Just a very sweet boy.

Thursday, August 20

Going, Going, Gone

Just finished my second round of donating my hair to Locks of Love. I wonder if I would recognize someone with a wig of my hair?
Nothing like long hair on a hot humid summer day.After cutting the ponytails as close to my head as possible, Charlene buzzed my head as close as she could with clippers.Talk about an egg-head.I finished the job at home with the razor.I was born with hair on my head, so this is the first time I’ve ever been totally bald.Just need a monk's robe to pull off the look. It hasn't quite been a week yet, and it's already back to the clipped stage. And not so pasty white.

Monday, August 17

Fat Little Whippet

I took another staycation week to watch four greys and a whippet. We were a little hesitant about watching a whippet since they can easily jump our fence. We were assured that she was the runt of the litter and a fat little whippet with no interest in fence jumping.
Nine dogs. And we only added one family. From the bottom going clockwise, it is Bev, Sugar on the couch, Stanley, Jaime, Kris, Stella, Chloe, Nixa, Max in the middle, and Parker under the coffee table.Chloe was much more interested in collecting toys than ending up on the wrong side of the fence.She is the alpha of her group, and as such, was allowed to share the couch with Stella.Guess who is not the alpha? Sugar just wanted to be loved on.Bev had some teeth missing on the right side. That explains it.Since Stella was willing to share the couch. It’s only fair that Chloe share her bed with Stella.Chloe: He’s ruining my glamour shot, isn’t he?Jaime actually did a respectable job of fitting in.Nixa is the grandma of the group. Bev is her daughter, and Sugar is the granddaughter by another mother. So three generations in one family. Sugar was an ‘Oops’ puppy, so she has no ear tattoos.Max is the newest addition to the family and the only boy. Like Chloe, he loves his toys too.Sugar doing her dalmation impression. Cow dog indeed.

Saturday, August 8

Fredericksburg Fair

The week after Grapehounds, we had a couple of girls stay with us. Sabrina has been here many times before. As an only dog, it’s like a big slumber party for her at our house.Unlike Stella, Jaime does not need a cushy bed to take a nap.The other girl was Zoey. She stayed with us overnight until her new family could pick her up. You might remember her as the Ninja Grey from Hope and Greyz. Very sweet girl.The Friday we were at Grapehounds, VAGA had a tent at the Fredericksburg Fair. The greys got a week’s rest, and we came back the following Saturday. Stella’s wondering what she did wrong to end up as the donation dog getting molested by a barefoot kid with an ice cream-smeared face.He couldn’t get enough of the greys. He looks like he’s about to mount Sophie and go for a ride.Parker, Stella, and Sabrina are very curious about the baby cows.We had many visitors to the VAGA tent.It was surprising nice for a late July day, but still hot in the sun. Sophie and Harry cool off under the water misters.What gets more attention than a greyhound at the fair? A greyhound with booties on. “Oh look, that doggie’s got shoes on!”Stanley does his fish out of water impression. He wriggles around, tail flapping, and mouth agape.We had a great time at the Fred Fair and look forward to going back next year.