Sunday, October 18

Jackie The Galgo

On a lighter note, we went to a luncheon last weekend to meet Jackie the Galgo puppy. She's only 4 months old, and just flew in from Paris. What a jetsetter.
She is a kissy little girl. Kris enjoying puppy kisses.Kathy is next in line for the kissing booth.She is just about Parker size right now.Run Jackie Run!Be Free!Her sister thinks that playing keepaway is a great way to introduce Jackie into the family.So that’s how it’s gonna be? Jackie squares off in a game of chicken.Posing with her sister.That didn’t last long.Jackie finally got the ball all to herself.That didn’t last long.After all that, she was pooped and retired to the master bedroom.She’ll need her rest to grow into those long legs.We did have an accident at the party. No, Jackie didn’t piddle inside. But Ted did get bumped while holding a glass of wine.

Friday, October 16

Goodbye Tamale

It’s seems so long ago that I started blogging about my furkids. I almost gave up on it until I found out that there were other crazies out there like me. I especially followed Katy’s Needle Nose blog. That allowed us into the everyday life of a greyhound in Australia. We loved following the antics of Tamale and the foster dogs. That is until Omo came along and decided he’d hit the jackpot. So like many others, we got to know and love Tamale. To get the news that she died so suddenly. That really hurts. I know when my Lucas died so suddenly, I really appreciated the support from the greyhound blogosphere. So we’ll be thinking of Katy and Omo. And Tamale knows that she was loved and will be missed around the world. This is a pic of Tamale I snagged from Katy’s blog from Jan 2008.
Read Katy’s tribute to Tamale.

Saturday, October 10

Dog Mart & Fredericksburg Dog Festival

We had a very busy couple of days last weekend. Both a niece and nephew both turned two, and we attended parties for both. We managed to stick in a couple of doggie activities too.
Saturday was the Fredericksburg Dog Mart. It is America’s oldest continuous dog event at 311 years old. They start off with a reenactment of the settlers trading hunting dogs with the Native Americans.We set up the VAGA booth at the cow barn. This is right next to where we were at the Fredericksburg Fair. We did the initial setup, and Doreen and her kids came for the second shift. We had volunteers coming and going throughout the day.It may have started out as an actual dog mart (someone actually did show up with some coonhounds in the back of their pickup looking to trade), but now it is more of a rescue and adoption-oriented event. Many doggie rescue groups were out to spread the word.Everyone should have their dog license and rabies tags.Meeting up with a distant cousin. I think an Irish Wolfhound would fit nicely into our lazy pack.On Sunday, we attended the doggie parade at the Fredericksburg Dog Festival. This is the best shot I could get while walking with three dogs. Hero won for best costume in his division. Check out the article in our local paper.

Friday, October 2

Another Touchy Feely Week

It was another touchy-feely week in the Park household. Stanley and Jaime are always ‘butting’ heads.To think that when we first got Stella, she didn’t even like anyone else on the her couch.The elusive two-headed greyhound.Laying on Stella’s rump is a dangerous place to be.Stella returning the favor.Stella enjoying a little couch time by herself.We watched Jack, Savannah, and Buster over the weekend. Buster doing his impression of the ‘Welcome’ greyhound on the shelf.We still have Tristan as a foster. He’s been a very good boy. He likes to keep an eye on things from the top of the deck.He also likes catching the morning rays while laying on the cool grass.