Saturday, March 28

Subaru Saturday

We are a two Subaru family again. Kris still has her Outback. And now we have a Forester. Quirky looking, but cute. 
The back is open, and the inside arranged. Now just need the testing crew.
Release the hounds. We had four boarders with us, and they were quick to check things out.
Kaiser and Thibault are the first two in.
Their sister Leelu joins them. And Stanley finally came to see what's going on.
Eventually, Parker comes out. He has learned that it's easier to let the big dogs go out first.
Jenny looks for an opening. Leelu has decided to take it for a test drive, and goes to the front. Kelli wasn't waiting for an invitation, and bulldozed her way in, claiming a bed all to herself.
The kids look forward to their first road trip in the Forester.
As the Subaru slogan says: Dog Tested. Dog Approved.

Sunday, March 22

Ready for Spring

The animals around here are looking forward to Spring.
The deer are looking forward to easier food and more cover when the leaves fill in.
I'm sure the birds would rather not feed in the freezing rain. More food at this feeder, please.
With an easy source of food, why would you want the millet, when you can have sunflower?
These doves are waiting for the buds to open up. And are great at picking up the millet that other birds throw away.
Warming weather seems to bring in the more colorful birds.
Even a woodpecker takes a turn at the feeder.
Not quite working out, it goes back to its usual spots. This is where the tree snapped and broke our fence last year.
Not too fast. This spot is already taken.
OMG! I saw what happened. Are you ok?
Let's have dinner of all the sunflowers I took from the bird feeder, and you can tell me all about it.
Stanley says he won't miss the snow. But he will miss having a big Sno-Cone right outside on the deck.

Monday, March 16

Feeding Time Routines

Each of our guys has their own routine during feeding time. Jenny likes to shake a stuffie. Stanley will usually lay in our bed watching the whole prepping process.
Then there is Parker. He likes to go and sit just on the outside of the doggie door, and waits for us to knock and tell him it's time. I venture that this might have come out of being knocked down one too many times by the greys, when they get excited during feeding time.
And Kelli. Who follows me around every step. Making sure not to lose sight of me. She likes to keep direct contact with me to let me know that she is still there, and still hungry.
What funny things do your guys do during feeding time?