Sunday, March 29

Dexter Finds a New Home

Trina and crew came last weekend. We still had Dexter. They had Sawyer as a foster. And Dora and Zoey were dropped off because of a family emergency. So the total count came to twelve. From the bottom left is Stella, Stanley on the couch, Parker on the floor next to Kris, then the Black Dog corner consisting of Shiloh, Dante, and Jaime, Trina snuggling with Sawyer, Jason smooching with Cali, Dana on the white bed, Dexter, Dora, and Zoey in the middle. Whew! Sawyer loves his toys, so both toy baskets are scattered everywhere. Kris and Trina are mapping out our NYC trip over a glass of wine, of course.Dora decided the best seat in the house was Parker’s bed on the couch.Zoey decided the best seat was snuggling next to Kris.A black kitty decided to catch some rays in the yard. That’s the corner of the yard where everyone goes poo. Why? I guess it was a bad omen. The kitty lived, but the kids managed to get a possum later that night. Curling up and playing dead doesn’t work against a gaggle of greyounds.Dexter found a new home. He’s having fun messing with his new brother, Klink, in the yard.You wanta piece of me? You gotta catch me first.Dexter will also have three human brothers. And neighborhood friends too.

Sunday, March 15

Babysitting Weekend & VAGA Haul

We had two new boarders this past week, Nike and Ella. They are full-littermate sister. Both brindle and very cute. We also had Milo and Charlotte for the weekend. Since Dexter is still with us, that makes a houseful. Clockwise from the bottom is Milo, Stanley, Parker, Dexter, Jaime, Stella, Ella, Charlotte, and Nike.
Dexter has decided that the couch isn’t so bad. Poor Parker. He never gets to use his own bed.We had a VAGA Dog Haul last weekend. Ted saying hi to my kids while we wait for the hauler.Ten dogs came to our group. Another eight to Central Virginia Greyhounds. There were greyhounds everywhere. Everyone was excited to get their new baby.
Their new babies need a pottie break after traveling all the way up from Orlando.Stella and Stanley balancing the Subaru on the way to a Meet ‘n Greet after the haul.After the Meet ‘n Greet, we came back home to relax with everyone on the deck. Clockwise from Stella on the left, it is Stanley, Kris, Parker (keeping guard at the top of the stairs), Nike, Dexter, Jaime, Milo, and Charlotte.Nike shows her happy face.Ella is very expressive with her ears. One half-up floppy look.Breezy to the Left.
One to the Right.
Both up.
Other one up.Nike and Ella mind-melding. They are very sweet girls.
Kris went down to Sandy Paws at Jekyll Island again this weekend. She and Stanley got to spend some quality bonding time. Check out more at Travels with Greys posts about walks on the beach, taking naps, and eating ice cream.

Friday, March 6

Kids Enjoy Snow Day

Now that everyone else has posted their snow pictures, and some with second installments, my slow butt is posting my first.

Dexter was trying to snag the stuffie while running at full speed. Building up speed around the corner.
Flat out on the straightaway.
First attempt.
Back for more.This was his third attempt. His stinkeye says, ‘you try it and see how easy it is’.Success!Hey Stella! Look what I got.Stella enjoying her zoomie.Oh, she a crazy girl.She got a little worn out and decided to rest her rump for a minute.Parker is looking so old with his greying muzzle. A little Grecian Formula should take care of that.Stanley hates to see a stuffie left outside. He’s almost OCD about making sure that defenseless stuffies are taken back inside where he can use them as a head rest.Parker has it in his sights.Going in for the kill.What happened?Oh well. Guess it’s not as easy as it looks.Is Jaime eyeing a stuffie for her attempt?Nope. Just stalking the Parker Dog.After a few minutes, Stanley says he’s done and wants to go in. I think our kids are out of shape.

Monday, March 2

Aubry Visits & Wine Expo

Aubry came to visit from Santa Fe. It’s been about a year and Stella really missed her Aunt Aubry. She was being a hooptie, bouncing up and down. Endlessly chattering. And snuggled with Aubry every chance she got.On Saturday, we went down to Richmond for the Wine Expo. Unlike last year, we got in within minutes, and there was plenty of space in the aisles, so we weren’t bumping and grinding everyone.
After a few rows of wine tastings, the girls start to get to the huggy stage.Conjoined wine tastingA couple more rows and everyone has a happy wine face. Trina might be closer to a smirk and stinkeye :)Back home, Aubry and Kris play a little Mario Kart to wind down. Dexter, Stella, and Jaime’s rump cheering them on. Parker is cheering from under the covers.