Friday, July 25

Steam Cleaning

Nobody likes it when the steam cleaner comes out. It's even louder than the vacuum cleaner. Stanley, Kelli, and Sooie make the safe bet, and hide behind the dogs beds which I stacked on our bed.
Jenny said she wanted to supervise the cleaning. To make sure I didn't miss any spots.

Thursday, July 17

Heads Or Tails

For some reason, Kelli likes to lay in Parker’s little bed. Sometimes it’s Tails, with Jenny photobombing.
Sometimes it’s Heads. But she’s a big girl, and it just ain’t happening.
Being the only young one in the group. She likes to do Zoomies. Inside and out. So that’s probably how she scraped a couple of her pads.
Soon she was cleaned up and bandaged.

This is her Oh Woe is Me face. She got a treat for being a good girl through it all.