Thursday, June 28

Bird Watching

Nothing like bird watching from the convenience of the back deck.
A hummingbird sunning herself. 
Watch out. Might be a tasty snack if not careful.
Made it to the feeder. Looking left and right to make sure the other couple isn’t coming in for a dive bombing run.
Tongue out, ready to go in.
Ahh, refreshing nectar.
Jaime was on the deck and was afraid the hummingbird might become a snack.
I also stalked a cardinal in the backyard. Serious stinkeye. ‘You want some a dis? I didn’t think so’!
Tracked her back to her nest. As Flo would say in the old sitcom ‘Alice’, ‘Kiss my Grits’.
In the front yard was a whole different scenario. ‘Hi Mister, I’m just learning to fly. Sorry I pooped all over your sidewalk’.
After hearing me talking about how small and cute the hummingbirds are, Stanley decides to show how small and cute he can be, by curling up in Parker’s little bed.

Saturday, June 16

Sad Faces

Greyhounds put on sad faces for a litany of reasons. I believe getting a bath is definitely in the top 3. Stanley and Jaime haven’t had a bath in a couple years, and close to three years for Stella.
Stanley: hey daddy, why are we on the patio, don’t we always hang out on the deck?
Did it rain? I’m so wet.
Stella: Seriously, this bath thing applies to me too? But I smell like Roses, I tell you.
Alright, let’s get this over with.
But I’m not gonna make it easy.
Are you happy now? Abby knows she is not getting a bath and is content to laugh at Stella from the safety of the yard.
How ‘bout you? You happy? Now that I look like a drowned rat.
Stella tells Parker about her traumatic experience, but gets no sympathy. Parker reminds her that every few months is much worse than every few years.
Parker tries to slink away when it’s his turn.
At least he’s not rolling in something stinky in the yard.
Enough with the bath time stuff. Let me back in.
Stella and Jaime find solace in snuggling with Kevin. We washed their collars, and sometimes didn’t recognize them with different colored ID collars on.
Kevin will keep you warm, so you don’t catch a cold.
Real Sad Face this past week. One of our VAGA volunteers, Ted V., passed away this week. Here is a pic of him at last year’s VAGA picnic. I’m sure he is playing golf where there are greyhounds (who don’t poop) on the course. Fore!

Friday, June 8

Newest Member of the Family

I would like to introduce our newest family member. Kris calls him Kevin, but I think he looks more like a Frank. Got him at Costco (only $30) for Jaime’s birthday present. Not sure this is what Jaime was expecting.
But she warmed up to him quickly.
Of course Stanley and Stella had to get in on the action.
He fit right in. Doesn’t do much and is a couch hog.
He doesn’t get lonely because he is rarely by himself.
Stella whispers that she is glad he’s here, as long as he recognizes that she is the Couch Queen.

Saturday, June 2

Cooper Winery Lucy's Weekend

Our annual outing to Cooper Vineyards for the Lucy Weekend to support the Richmond SPCA gets a bit bigger every year. This year, we had enough greyhound people to create our own ‘greyhound tent city’ on the grounds.
Trina’s parents came from the other side of the state to join us. And Rob brought his 1 year old Shiba Inu, Sakura.
Sakura was very well behaved. Must be all the calm vibes given off by the greyhounds :)
It was a bit hot, especially when there was no breeze. Mitch hosed down Cueball to help him cool off.
Cueball, did you know you’re wet? Oh, I can fix that with a quick shake of my head.
Once to the right.
Once to the left. I think it’s working.At 12 and a half years old, Henry still loves going out and being part of it all. But requires more naps in between.
Stanley: Daddy, I’m done with this one. May I have another Viognier, please?
Michelle entertains a loose beagle while Rob and Trina’s mom looks for his parents.
We were watching Jorja for the weekend. Tired of not being able to see anything being surrounded by greyhounds, Jorja decides to head for higher ground.
Shiloh, the old lady in the group at 14 and a half, takes a nap while roaching.
Afternoon activities included doggie dancing.
Set amongst the vines, Joyce and Sammy Davis were ready for some dancing.
Even though it was hot, Sammy Davis performed like a champ.
Parker has his own bed and sits in Kris’ lap in the passenger seat. That didn’t mean he had to be an A/C hog. His ear is flapping from being so close to the vent.
Not surprisingly, Stanley was pooped out.