Tuesday, April 29


I am sorry to say that we lost a dear friend this past weekend. Shiloh from Trina's blog. Shiloh was 16 and lived a very full life. She was always by her mom's side.
She was part of the Top Shot 14, on the right, next to her sisters, Dana and Cali.
They had known each other for most of their lives, and she was Parker's best playmate. Parker says he will miss her. We all will.

Monday, April 14

Wild Turkey Distraction

The older Parker gets, the fluffier he seems to get. This requires more frequent brushing, which he does’t particularly enjoy. What he needs is a distraction, so mommy will forget about brushing.
Jenny, what do you see? A distraction?
Appears to be five wild turkeys (not the whisky) crossing the neighbor's yard.
It worked, now Parker is trying to blend in with the black dogs in the yard.

Monday, April 7

Stanley Waits for Dinner

Usually when I get dinner ready, the kids, whether mine, boarders or fosters are there to personally assist me to make sure I don’t forget their bowl. Then there is Stanley. He takes lazy to a new level. Sometimes, he just peers over the couch. 
Daddy, is dinner ready yet?