Wednesday, August 13

Getaway to Trina's Parents

        I am way behind in my entries. We were there at the same time, but Trina managed to update her blog about the trip a couple week ago. I’ll just add a few more pics from the trip.

        How can you tell you’re out in the country? The deer come out feed with the horsies.
        We spent a lot of time in the pool. Trina’s dad hanging out with Trina and Kris.
        Trina’s mom versus everyone else.
        We could have walked up the hill to the wine festival at Tomahawk, but it was much more fun to take the tractor ride.
        Trina and her mom. Feeling happy after the wine tasting. See the resemblance?

        Dinner Time! Those mini horses sure can run fast when they want to.
        Honey is such a cute kitty.
        Honey is such a fluffy kitty.

        Breakfast was biscuits with sausage gravy. I needed a nap after this. So good though.
        Trina with her nephew Boone. You can make up your own caption for the look on her face.