Tuesday, July 6

House of Boo Boos

We’ve been watching quite a few dogs over the past several weeks. Expected during the summer months. But we were like a rehabilitation facility for this group of pups.
Abby has corns, so we tried on Stanley’s TheraPaws. Abby was not impressed. Please get this thing off me. It makes my foot look Big!Our overnight foster, Kara, had a broken tail that spontaneously erupted. Nothing three strategically placed band-aids couldn’t take care of.Dusty fell of his mommies bed one night. The hematoma looks worse than it is.Stella even had a scrape on her leg that required a band-aid.She was rockin’ a frowny face band-aid.Sabrina broke a toe and came to us with a splint.She was not putting any pressure on it by the end of the week. We unwrapped it to find this. A quick cleaning and rewrapping (sans splint), and she was feeling much better.