Wednesday, September 17

Grapehounds NY 2013

Yes, that’s right. 2013. Just a little bit late. This was back when we still had Stella.
Stella is all excited for the 8 hr drive up, while Stanley has already settled into nap mode.
We stayed at an old farm house. The house dog showed us where the ducks were. Stella took particular interest.
You could tell which wineries welcomed the greyhounds.
We ran into Sly and Cooper’s parents at Villa Bellangelo. Their tasting room was so big, the kids decided to spread out.
Then off to lunch. Stella and Stanley shared a bed on the deck.
We had a beautiful view on the deck.
While we started our tasting menu.
We went back at the farm house for a little break, and the ducks were waiting to ambush us.
Then off to the Welcome Party at Hazlitt. Stella and Stanley look out on all the other greyhounds.
Parker looks around. Searching for some of his peeps. 
Oh look. He found some pups his size at one of the wineries.
We really did feel welcome at the wineries.
By this time, Stanley was willing to just lay down on the floor. But for our tripod girl, we took in the cushy bed.
This little slip of paper was our pass to the greyhound-friendly wineries.
There was vending at the host winery. Where the vendors sold such things as the Bake a Bone. I referred to it as the George Foreman of doggie biscuits.
The stained glass really looked great on this sunny day.
The kids were so tired, they didn’t mind sleeping under the deer head.
Refreshed after their nap, they are ready for their next tasting.
On to the next winery.
Where they have something for the pups and their humans.
The last winery we went to had this artsy chalkboard.

We showed a little restraint this year. Of course, by now in real time, none of those bottles are left.

Monday, September 8

Catchin' Up

This past month has been pretty quiet. We've had a few boarders go through the house.
Someone was a toy hoarder.
And thought that poor Kevin needed to be put in that pile. Luckily, it looks like Kevin put up a fight in the doorway.
We have been watching Sunny since she came up about 8 years ago. She's such a sweet girl.
Kelli thinks this bed has the perfect curve for roaching. She uses Kevin for extra support.
Daddy, will you keep brushing my teefers, so they stay this clean?
Stanley doesn't see the point of dog beds, when there is a perfectly good human bed to lay on.
We have watched Buck for many years, but this was the first time we watched his Iggy sister, Hildie. She stayed in the safety of her 'taco' bed for the first couple of days.
When she decide to join in the family room, it was atop blankets and pillows on the couch. And giving me the stinkeye too.
Storm was fresh off the track, and we watched her for a few days. She is a very smart girl, and didn't see the point of the ramp, when she had just learned to do stairs.
After learning stairs and the doggie door, a rest was in order.
With a face like that, how could you not want to adopt her. Luckily, she was already spoken for.