Thursday, December 24

Let It Snow

Everyone was helping Kris wrap presents. The two brindles on the beds are Charlotte and Milo.A record snowstorm for December. We got about 20 inches. Even in a snowstorm, the kids need to go potty.Stella gets a good sniff at the snow while testing out how deep it is.Parker shows how it should be done.Stella packs down the snow with her rump.Jaime trying to camouflage herself.Stanley was having none of it.The kids didn’t stray too far from the deck stairs.Let’s follow Stella.Oops. Just going to her favorite poopie spot.Snow poopie run.Everyone getting in on the action.Snow cones for everyone.Milo was the only one who really enjoyed the deeper parts of the yard. Left, right, up, down. He was all teeth and tongue.After some taunting, Charlotte joins him.After it stopped snowing, time to shovel the driveway.Parker tracking truffles.No luck.Cold wet nose.Tristan looking regal on the deck.

Sunday, December 13

First Snow & Parade

We had our first snow the other week. The snow has come and gone, but as usual, I am a week or so behind. It was a wet heavy snow, so the kids didn’t particularly enjoy it like the light fluffy stuff. They only stayed out for a few minutes for pictures.
Stella was not happy with the noise the snowplow was making. Stanley and Tristan join the action.Stanley and Jaime standoff against Stella. 'You go left, I'll go right'.
'No, your other left'.Parker watches the action from the safety of the deck.Stella, Stanley, Jaime, and Tristan huddle together for warmth.Can we go in now? It’s cold and wet out here!We dressed the kids up in the parking deck before heading down for the Fredericksburg Christmas Parade. The kids did not enjoy walking in the cold rain. Check out more pics at VAGA News.

Sunday, December 6

It's That Time of Year

For the first time since we moved to this house, we had my family over for Thanksgiving. We were waiting for our niece and nephew to get past the crawling stage. Parker looks like he is worried that Edo might be staying as the latest foster.Maya is Wii boxing, and Stella is wondering why she has to put up with this.Everyone settled in to watch Maya Wii box. Stanley and Jaime are on the couch, while Parker snuggles up to his grammy.Go on Edo, it’s okay to rub the Stella rump for good luck.After a busy day entertaining, the kids needed to take a nap together.Jethro, now Bruno, was at a foster home for a week, and his new parents came to the house for adoption. He is one handsome fella.Mom and Dad look proud of their new boy.This time of year means gift-wrapping at the local Borders. I took Stanley to relieve Prissy after her two hour shift. You can check out more pics at the VAGA News Blog.Stanley shows his roaching skills to attract people to the gift-wrapping table. Prissy is not impressed.It didn’t take long (about 15 minutes) before Stanley was down. A Borders employee was nice enough to lend her foot as Stanley’s headrest. The kids are going to have to come to him.Stanley and Prissy tag-team the kids.After a couple of hours, Stanley says he is done. Prissy is still working the crowd. Prissy was tireless and ended up doing an 11 hour shift. There were too many people willing to give her attention for her to leave. I heard she slept in the late the next morning.