Thursday, August 9

Pig on the Brain

Stanley has pig on the brain.
Maybe if I nap on Jaime’s bowl, daddy will get a clue.

Stanley knew I was grilling pork burgers with grilled avocados. The little mini burgers to the right are for the kids. After giving me clue after clue of what he wanted, he took room service on his bed.


  1. is there ever a night you just have a regular pb&j sandwhich for dinner, or is every night a gourmet experience at your house? move over stanley- amanda wants to get adopted!! your burgers looked yummy, i never heard of pork burgers before. stanley is adorable and seems to fit right in. i can't wait to meet him still!!! =)

  2. looks like a certain pup had a bit too much to drink and needed to stay strategically close to the bowl.