Sunday, July 19

Summer Walk

A couple of weekends ago, it was unseasonably nice. So we took the kids for a walk in a local park.
It wasn't a very long walk, maybe 30 min or so. But we were all pooped afterwards.
But watch out for ticks. I actually picked this guy off me from my own yard. 

Wednesday, July 1

More Black Dogs

After the last crew of black dogs left, our next set of boarders were also all black dogs.
Trust and Tacoma are littermates. They had just been off the track just a few weeks when they came to stay with us. The sisters were very cute and very smart.
Trust: Hint, hint. Please take me on your run. I'm still in shape from the track.
No, seriously. You're not leaving without me.
Tacoma: Yes, yes, I see the rabbit. Now where's my kibble dinner?
Maybe Trust just likes to hold things in her paws.
Mia: I don't hear anything. I'm pretty sure my hearing is better than yours, with these bat ears.
Trust. Yes, I trust her to drink from my glass when I'm not looking. Naughty but cute.