Monday, October 9

Florida vacation

        We drove from Va down to North Redington Beach just south of Clearwater Beach with Jason & Trina. Took about 14 hours from the house which included picking them up and several rest stops including dinner. It was a very quiet resort. Just fine by us old folks :) Mostly we sat on beach with fruity drinks. Monday night we went to the Tampa greyhound track. We bet $5 on Roar Katie Mac to win. We called Debbie so she could listen to her ‘granddaughter’ win. She won by close to 3 lengths. The girls were quite emotional about their first greyhound race experience.
        On Wed, we went to SeaWorld, and it was much better than I expected. Less amusement park, and much more aquarium than I expected. I guess b/c it was in Orlando, I thought it was connected to Disney somehow. But it’s an Anheuser-Busch theme park, so Bud and Bud Light on tap everywhere. Another baby Shamu had been born a few weeks ago, so they gave an abbreviated show. The dolphin show was like the ‘O’ water show at the Bellagio but with dolphins and whales. We had no idea that walruses and manatees were so big. That night for dinner, we had good sushi at Ren Get-su.
        On Thur, we were off to the airport to rent a Dodge Caravan since it has ‘sto ‘n go’ seats. Rental car agencies rarely guarantee a specific car, but the agent was nice enough to hold one for us. With the seats down and blankets on top, we were ready to start picking up some dogs. We stopped by the GPA/GO rescue kennel and picked up Clayton and Play (now Jasmine). They have been together for a few years, and we were lucky enough to find an adopter who requested two dogs. We stopped by the race kennels to see the other six dogs we would be picking up before heading back on Fri. We took Clay & Jasmine back to our hotel, and then we headed to the Sanford-Orlando track to see some more greyhound racing. It was too dark to get any good action pics of the dogs running.
        On Fri, we took Clay and Jasmine to the track kennels to pick up the other six. They seemed a little scared that we were going to drop them off there. We picked up New York, Xtra Kick, Gina, Goddess, Minnie the Moocher, and Kay Kiowa PSO. PSO was not on the original list... Jason and Trina drove the minivan which easily fit seven. Kris and I took Minnie in the sedan since she had a injured tail, and we didn’t want others stepping on it. The weather was nice when we left. During our 12+ hour drive back to Richmond, the weather turned cold and rainy somewhere in North Carolina. Needless to say we were tired when finally reached Richmond. We spent the night at Trina’s.
        Sat, we dropped off Clay and Jasmine at their new forever home. That left us with six greys to take to the vet in Purcellville. It was late afternoon by the time we made it back home. The roundtrip for us was just over 2000+ miles. Our babies were happy to see us. As were Hannah and Shirley our fosters. As was Aubry since she had been watching them for us all week. Good to be back home.

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  1. YIPPEE for Roar Katie Mac. She was smokin the rest! I am quite proud of my grandpup! It was so exciting listening to the race. Wish I was there with you all.