Thursday, February 27

Tripaw Necklace

In memory of our sweet girls Jaime and Stella, Kris got a Tripod necklace from Beth Wade Design

Monday, February 17

Mini-Me Family is Complete

We received our last two Mini-Me’s of Isabel and Noah to make our Mini-Me family complete.
Come on everybody. Let’s go get a family portrait on the front steps.
Dogs on top. Kitties on the bottom. Kelli, Stanley, Jenny, and Parker are still with us.
Thank you so much Lynne for making our entire Mini-Me family. We just adore them. If you would like your own, please click on this Mini-Me link, or click on the Mini-Me badge on the right of this blog.

Sunday, February 16

B/W Sunday - Manual Mode

With a few fellow bloggers going full Manual mode on their cameras, I slapped on the 50mm f/1.4 and moved the dial to M.
Jenny, who used to be an outside dog, is very glad that she gets to lay in soft bed in front of the fireplace when it’s freezing outside.
Stanley was slowly sliding off the couch, and needed his momma’s help to keep from falling off.
Blue is wondering why this man keeps shoving a camera in his face while he’s trying to sleep.

Kelli. Always keeping one eye open.