Saturday, May 31

Cooper Vineyards SPCA Event

Last weekend we went to Cooper Vineyards annual Lucy’s Weekend to support the Richmond SPCA. We like to support Parker’s peeps, as well as the Greys :)
We set up three tents and got settled in. The temps were in the 70’s and mostly sunny.
Kelli said this was her first winery event and was very excited.
Jenny said she’s an old lady, and this might be her first winery event too, but she’ll wait to make up her mind.
Stanley loves winery events, except when the wind blows and the tents make flapping noises. Obviously sticking his head between daddy’s legs makes him feel better.
After the initial sniffing is over, Jenny says it’s time for a nap.
Then the wine and cheese showed up.
Here is our three tent city with the Tasting Room in the background.
More people show up, and it’s every person & dog for themselves.
People are out of their chairs, following the shade. Not sure why Trina is pointing at me. 
It must be Girls Kiss Your Doggie time.
She is one of the Winery House Dogs. I think there are at least three Toy Poodles.
We were quite spread out by the end.
Parker was happy to take my spot when I got up.
Dana sleeps on Stanley in the Senior Citizen corner.

Meet Roxi, Trina’s new pup. She is Parker size and was there to support her peeps too. 
You can also see more pics of the event at Trina’s Cooper post.

Sunday, May 18

Grapehounds Virginia

We attended Grapehounds Virginia last weekend. In order to get prepared, Stanley got a good brushing. He is a fuzzy greyhound. That's why we call him 'FuzziStan'.
As the newest girl in the family, Jenny didn’t want to be left out of any activities. Parker is in the background, just glad it’s not his turn for a brushing.
Our first stop was at Hartwood Winery, which was a dog-friendly winery on the way up. With over 270 wineries in Virginia, there is probably a dog-friendly winery close to you, if you live in the state.
Parker got the best seat in the car. He sat in his own little dog bed in my lap in the passenger seat. The greyhounds were relegated to dogs beds in the back. They seemed ok with that.
The opening ceremony was at North Gate Winery. They had a tasting tent outside, and the weather was beautiful, so most of us were outside. 
Kelli and Stanley are watching their mommy, while she goes to the BBQ Shack to get us dinner.
Tired of waiting, Kelli uses Stanley as a head rest.
When Stanley got tired of propping up Kelli’s head, poor Dana got recruited.
Dana got tired and went over to the Old Ladies bed to join Jenny.
Kelli said, Fine. She laid down on the grass which was probably quite refreshing.
Cali has first dibs on the water, while the Old Ladies wait their turn. Tripawd trumps age.
I had leash duty. They were all too tired to make a run for it.
The dark brindle in this picture had just stolen a block of cheese from someone’s cheese plate, while walking bye. Though they were able to pull it out of her mouth, she obviously was not finished with it.
The following day, the main event was held at Quattro Goomba Winery. We hung out in the back field, where they had a picnic table, and people were putting up tents and X-pens.
Right next to that was vending and registration. We already have wine lanyards, but not greyhound leather wine lanyards. (Photo courtesy of Greyhounds Rock who sold the lanyards).
By the time we made it to WillowCroft Winery, the pups were already tired, and looking for a place to lay down.
They were quite happy when we made it back to the hotel. Kelli, Thanks for putting your butt on the pillow where daddy will later put his face.

Since this bed was smaller than our usual setup, Kelli decided that this was much more comfortable.