Sunday, June 8

Local Wildlife

The trees have all filled in now, the heat and humidity have arrived. And so have the local wildlife. The deer and turkey are local fixtures. But there are plenty of other critters who call this area home.
The insects can be big out here. Not sure what this mosquito like insect is.Mosquito-2014-06-8-21-13.jpg
A toad in the yard, doing his best prehistoric look.Toad-2014-06-8-21-13.jpg
And this moth looks so fuzzy, I want to pet it.Moth-2014-06-8-21-13.jpg
A skink sunning itself on the garage wall. Kelli seems to have a taste for skinks.Skink-2014-06-8-21-13.jpg
When I gave the grill its annual cleaning, I felt like a slumlord when I evicted this guy.Mouse_Grill-2014-06-8-21-13.jpg
The bird feeder has attracted a wide variety of birds. This appears to be a sparrow or bunting. I’m am not very good with my bird species.Red_Bird-2014-06-8-21-13.jpg
It even managed to attract a butterfly.Butterfly-2014-06-8-21-13.jpg
A Titmouse is wondering if the new bird feeder is for real.Titmouse-2014-06-8-21-13.jpg
It sure is, Mr. Titmouse.Titmouse_Sunflower_Seed-2014-06-8-21-13.jpg
A sparrow shows how it done. Grab the sunflower seed.Sparrow_Seed-2014-06-8-21-13.jpg
Move it around with the beak.Sparrow_Seed2-2014-06-8-21-13.jpg
Blammo. It’s shelled and ready to eat.Sparrow_Seed3-2014-06-8-21-13.jpg
A Goldfinch comes by to see what the brouhaha is about.Goldfinch-2014-06-8-21-13.jpg