Sunday, April 10

Easter Parade

It was a drizzly day, but we took the girls to the Easter Parade on Monument Ave. We left Stan at home, as he wouldn't have been able to walk for that long.
As soon as we got there, Jenny met some of her hairier cousins.
There were all variety of dogs dressed up for the parade.
The Ms. Preteen pageant winner was handing out biscuits to all the doggies.
Little kids couldn't help but want to pet the girls.
Meeting their first greyhound on our way to the James River Greyhound tent. 
Jenny introduces herself to a Great Dane.
People seemed to love taking pics of them themselves with the girls.
We finally reached the JRG tent. Tired, but ready for some meetin' and greetin'.
Ok, enough of that. Stinkeye translates to: Daddy, I'm ready to go home now. 
Relaxing on the deck after a fun day out.