Sunday, May 16

Mother's Day and Grapehounds Virginia

My family came over for Mother’s Day. The kids were nice enough to share the couch with my brother-in-law and nephew while they play with my new iPad.
After playing with the koi pond and piano app, Edo decides he is one of the greyhounds. This bed is very comfy.
Looking for the perfect squeaky toy.
Our garage was temporarily taken over with VAGA store items from the basement going to Greyhounds in Gettysburg and Grapehounds Virginia. Our latest item was a greyhound statue.
Going up to Grapehounds Virginia, we put Stanley in Trina’s ‘Beast’, so we could fit a statue in the Subaru. Jaime didn’t seem to mind.
There was lots of vending on Saturday at Tarara Winery.
Of course we did the wine tasting. With over 150 wineries in Virginia to visit, we rarely get to hit the wineries in Northern Virginia.
Wine tasting tired the kids out.
We hit a few more wineries on the way back home. Barrel Oak Winery (BOW) is very dog-friendly. They actually have wine barrel staves at the tasting bar to hang leashes on. Cali, Jaime, and Stanley wait for their mommies to finish wine tasting. Stella would not be seen laying on a hard wooden floor without a cushy bed.

Monday, May 3

Back from sabbatical. My laziness is really getting in the way of updating my blog :) (or reading others). The kids wanta know why daddy hasn’t been snapping as many pictures of them lately.
Pretty much for the past couple of months straight, we’ve had fosters and boarders in the house. My kids don’t remember what it’s like to be by themselves. From a low of one extra to a high of 11 total in the house.
Nelly and Ashley were sisters looking for a new home.
Zoey’s foot must have been talking smack about her.
Kris and I did a haul a few weeks back. We met the driver halfway to Orlando in South Carolina. Wonder how the dogs felt about being woken up at 4am?
Happy Hounds going to their new families.
Maggie stays with us once or twice a year, and she just fits right in.
We had a pretty big turnout for our Warrenton MnG a few weeks back.
The author of ‘Jack the Christmas Collie’ was signing books.
Debbie with the star of the book.
I just found out that the blogging software, MacJournal, is out for the iPad. Maybe I will blog more often if I have a 3G iPad :)