Friday, August 31

Celebrating Greyhounds Calendar 2008

Well, all my picture-taking has paid off. I managed to get four of my pics in the Celebrating Greyhounds wall calendar and another one in the desk calendar. Two are on the collection of smaller pics at the beginning of the calendar. One of Lucas, Stella and Dana in Trina’s backyard. Another of Winston in my backyard with a frog stuffie. Merit, aka ‘Minnie the Moocher’ is the main dog for February. And the main pic for October is the rooing shot of Merit, Vesta, Stella and Lucas. One last roo for Lucas!!! Stella with her witch’s hat made it for Halloween on the desk calendar.
Stella was so excited to see herself in the calendar multiple times. She celebrated a little too hard and is sleeping it off. Jaime, being the good sister, is keeping watch over her.
Note: Pics added on 9/1 for those who may not yet have a copy of the CG calendar. Here you go Barb :)

Monday, August 27

Stanley Learns the Couch

Today is Clay’s last day here. He remembered us from his stay here last Christmas. He’s an only dog, and so enjoyed his time with the other greys. He just turned 11, but still likes to romp around the yard. Here he is taking a break surrounded by stuffies.
So Stanley is finally getting used to the idea of the couch. He’s not fond of sticking a foot between the cushions. Stella and Jaime are pros. They look like the high jumpers where they are twisting and in the roaching position as they are getting on the couch. So what happens now? Well, we are relegated to sitting on the floor.
Clay goes home today, and we got Midge and Maggie yesterday. They will be here for a week. I tried to get a picture yesterday, but as soon as I touched the camera, they were all over me. Hey mister, what’s that? Take my picture. Is this close enough? Nothing like nose prints on the lens for a good shot.

Sunday, August 19

Coming and Going

Our house has been a virtual turnstile this week. Hawk & Daisy’s daddy called to say he was coming by a day early to pick them up on Sunday. Then Sabrina’s mommy called to say they were coming back a day early. They should all be tired. We went to two Meet ‘n Greets this weekend. Standing around for a couple of hours getting petted and told how cute you are is hard work. Parker and Daisy stayed at home. Guess who wanted to help me clean the grill?

So we are down to one boarder for a few days. Midge and Maggie will be here by week’s end. Till then, we have only Clay as a boarder. He will be wearing a 'Stella' collar while he is here. Clay is an 11 year old cutie. Just something about those seniors. Look at this sweet face. He always has his ears up. Even when he’s sleeping. We call him ‘old man’.
Stanley is getting quite good at roaching. But gravity seems to affect him more than the others. He has a vampire look about him.
Stanley wants to know if I’m ready to get a shot him stalking and pouncing on a squirrel.

Psyche. I think I’ll just stretch and yawn.

Friday, August 17

Goodbye Clayton

Clayton had a stroke after leaving us Mon night. He made his last trip to the vet on Tuesday. You can read more on Shannon’s blog. We just wanted to say our goodbyes.

Clayton and his sister Jasmine were part of our haul from our trip to Orlando last fall. We picked him up from the GPA Orlando rescue kennel and brought him to his new mommy.

Here are a couple of the first shots of Clayton at the rescue kennel. What a sweet soulful face.

Clayton and Jasmine with their mommy at a party we had a few weeks after bringing them up.

It’s a good thing we are not superstitious or paranoid. We were supposed to babysit Asia last Christmas, but she had a problem with her heart and never made it. Then we lost our Lucas. We lost Clayton this week after staying with us. And we were supposed to watch Jasmine & Sandy this weekend, but we just found out that Jasmine was riddled with Cancer and was put down.
Here is Clayton’s last picture where he is holding hands with Stella.
Goodbye Clayton! Say Hi to Lucas for us.

More Babysitting

Coming and Going. Clayton & Jasmine and Merit & Vesta went home. Add Sabrina for a week. Much more manageable. It makes a big difference at feeding time. Here are seven of the greys eating with the two little ones outside. Daisy is a beagle, and Parker is a beagle-mix. Both are willing to risk their lives for the chance to steal a bit of food. So they eat first and get booted out. Don't forget the fun of poopy patrol.
Gratuitous couch shot of Stella, Parker and Jaime. Since the boarders are using up all the dog beds. They have no choice but to band together on the couch.
This is as close as Stanley gets to getting on the couch. He loves to sleep with us on the bed. Notice how other dogs may come and go, but Stella and Jaime can always be found on the couch.
Does Daisy looked relaxed?
Stanley loves having boarders. They come with new different beds and toys that he can use. He loves snuggling with new toys.

Sunday, August 12

Babysitting Galore

We took our kids plus the four (Luke, Sandy, Clayton, Jasmine) we were babysitting down to the Richmond Meet ‘n Greet. You can see pics of the event and afterparty at Trina’s and Amanda’s blogs. We had to take two cars. No way we were going to be able to take all eight dogs in one car. We just couldn’t decide who to leave behind.

Back at home, Luke and Sandy left us Saturday night. By Sunday morning, we had new arrivals. Merit and Vesta will be with us overnight. Hawk and Daisy will be with us for a week. Jaime didn’t know what to think of all the comings and goings and found comfort snuggling with Stella’s rump.

Topshot of our kid and current boarders. Starting on the couch going clockwise, it is Daisy, Jaime, Parker, Stella, Hercules walking away, Merit, Jasmine, Stanley, Vesta, and Clayton in the middle. It didn’t stay quiet like that for long.
Clayton and Stella holding hands and sharing a bed together.
Merit was one of our favorite fosters. She’s such a sweetie. She’s just catching some sun.
Stanley in the same spot. He’s resting and recuperating from a boo-boo. He has his foot wrapped because he managed to knock off a nail. It was a funny looking nail that pointed up. Probably an old track injury. Luckily he doesn’t seem to be in any pain and leaves it alone.

Jasmine and Jaime in stealth mode ready to pounce on a squirrel gorging on our bird feeder.
Jasmine is giving me the stinkeye because I am scaring all the squirrels away.
Hawk has a funny way of sitting. Doesn’t particularly look that comfortable.

Thursday, August 9

Pig on the Brain

Stanley has pig on the brain.
Maybe if I nap on Jaime’s bowl, daddy will get a clue.

Stanley knew I was grilling pork burgers with grilled avocados. The little mini burgers to the right are for the kids. After giving me clue after clue of what he wanted, he took room service on his bed.

Monday, August 6

Stanley Learning the Ropes

Stanley is quickly learning the ropes and getting used to the schedule around here. He is learning by example. Stella is a pro when it comes to ETS while sleeping. She threw in the drool for good measure.
Stanley does his version of reverse ETS. He's working on the drool thing.
Jaime says what? Can’t hear you! Hey Stanley, can you do this?

Parker says he just wants to curl up and doesn’t want to play in these silly greyhound games.
We had a couple of guests for Saturday afternoon. Clayton and Jasmine. We will also be watching them next weekend too. Roached on the couch are Stella and Jaime. Under the coffee table is Parker, then Jasmine, then Clayton, with Stanley in the front. Lazy dogs!
Stella is teaching Stanley how to lay on the bed. Looks like they are having a race to see who can reach the end of the bed first.
Stanley decides he can use a second and third opinion.