Monday, April 25

Coffee, Wine, and Beer

I do love my beverages. Need to stay hydrated.
What is the difference between these two Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lenses?
One holds my freshly ground and brewed coffee. The other takes awesome pictures.
We went to our first wine festival of the year. We took Stella, and Trina brought Cali and Petey. You can see more pics of Petey on Trina’s post. Petey wonders why people have to go to special places to potty, when he can go anywhere outside.
Petey’s specialty was toe-kissing.
No Petey, you don’t have a wrist band. You’re too young to join in the festivities.
There were torrential rains the night before, so we had to pick our picnic spot carefully. I think Stella might be sneezing from all the pollen in the air.
The next weekend was beer weekend. My friend, Shawn, who own the homebrew store in NJ, came down for a brew pub tour. We started at Devil’s Backbone Brewery. Got the full 10 beer sampler with fried pickle spears to cleanse the palate.
Next was Blue Mountain Brewery and their 6 beer sampler. We got some hummus to tide us over till dinner.
They had just expanded their patio area, and with the nice weather, it was packed.
Next on the list was South Street Brewery in downtown Charlottesville. These samplers were bigger, so I only got four. One down, three to go.
Time to go brew some more beer.

Saturday, April 16

Spring Fever

The kids were just having so much fun with the weather warming up.
Puddin resting up. For What?
To harass her brother, Buford. Don’t make eye contact, Buford. Just ignore her. It’ll be okay.
Oh, that didn’t work out very well.
Buford gives me the stinkeye for not giving him more warning.
Having lost the battle, Buford makes a run for it.
Buford is half greyhound, half Vulcan.
Stanley somehow managed to slide off the bed. Puddin waited her turn, then slid in behind him.
A very warm welcome for Jorja.
Not doing a very good job of camouflaging herself in the bushes.
Jorja telling the duck what for.
Beth is not sure what Jorja is, but she is not impressed.
Puddin catching some rays.
Jorja is more about hair and flair than speed.
She tries to keep up with the big boys.
Stanley stands over the stuffie. The chase begins as soon as he picks it up.
From this angle, it appears that Puddin has pooped out a Parker.
Run Puddin Run!
Watch out for the Fun Police!
Woo woo woo! Busted.
The tables are turned. If you zoom in, you can see spit flying from Stella’s mouth. And behind Pudding is flying patches of grass. Poor yard.
Jorja sneaking up on the purple crab.

Tuesday, April 12

Sun Worshipping

Jaime lays in a pool of morning light while she ‘patiently’ waits for her breakfast.
It was a beautiful sunny day outside. Parker thought he would incubate a patch of grass seedlings in the hope they would grow faster.
Stella enjoys smelling the fresh Spring blooms.
Abby sees something.
She is going to give the stuffy a quick tour of the yard.
Jaime watches the little squirt running around from the safety of the sidelines.
Yes, Stella. You ARE a very pretty girl.
We went over to Debbie’s to see how Hope was doing since her tumor removal surgery. Hope was more interested in kissing her mommy with tongue, than staying still to take pics.
Debbie’s new boy Kramer. He’s a bit skinny, but I’m sure he’ll gain weight in no time. Leah was too busy sniffing Hope to pose for the shot.
Hope decided to stop for a sec to let me get a shot.
Back at home, Abby was still looking for something to do. I don’t think anyone is looking.
Ooh, ice in the water bowl.
Oh Abby!

Wednesday, April 6

Charlottesville Mall Walk

The kids decide to sleep in on a weekend morning.
Stella won’t lay down on anything that isn’t soft and fluffy. Such a ninny.
Abby just has that mischievous look.
Her brother, Blue, has a shoe fetish.
This past Saturday was such a beautiful Spring day. We joined the first greyhound walk at the Downtown Charlottesville Mall. Hopefully we can join them for future walks.
Full Stop! Fire hydrant ahead.
Yes, Cleo. That is a Jaime on your back.
Is Jaime a little clingy? Stanley thinks so.
Cleo gets a hug from her daddy for being such a good girl.
We were entertained on our walk by a band playing Folk music.
Return of the onion rings. Stella: Don’t worry James, I’ll distract mommy.
My turn! I want the one with ketchup.
Hi, I’m Stan. Whatja got in there? Don’t worry, Stan. I got your back.