Monday, November 19

Sabrina, Last Boarder, Really

I may have said that Milo and Charlotte were our last boarders at this house. But we got another last minute request for Sabrina. We’ve watched Sabrina since she came up from Florida. How could we say No. Especially since her family was going out of town so that her human sister could help her team win the State High School Girls Field Hockey Championship.
Sabrina is more a couch dog than our guys.
She did come off the couch for some dried squid. We were cleaning out the pantry, and trying to figure out what we were going to take and dried squid did not make the list.
Bone marrow also got thawed out as part of the cleaning out of the freezer.
Stanley: Bone Marrow, I love you!
Stanley: I’m going to lick you, and kiss you, and squeeze you…
Chewing is hard work. Back to the couch.
Next post (barring any more hiccups) will be from the new house.

Sunday, November 11

Stanley Gets A Dental

Stanley got a dental last week. He has had fishy smelling breath for a while, but I noticed his gums had receded on a tooth exposing the roots while I was diligently brushing his teeth one night. Our vet is very greyhound savvy, and when I dropped him off in the morning, they told me he was first in line to make sure he had plenty of time to recover from the anesthesia.
Jaime knows something is different and zones right in.
Stella and Parker make sure his other end is ok too.
He was still quite wobbly when he got home, and did his best to stay awake.
But he was snoozing within a couple of minutes.
Now he had pearly whites and fresh breath.

Saturday, November 3

VAGA Picnic

A couple of weekends ago, we had our VAGA annual picnic at Angela’s. It had been postponed a couple of weeks because of bad weather, and the weather was perfect for a greyhound get-together. Lauren was on hand to greet the guests.
People and dogs were spread out everywhere in the backyard.
During the fun run, some people raced their dogs.
Not really a race at all.
Some dogs just weren’t into running for our amusement.
Others, like PJ, showed off their racing form. He clocked in at 36 mph
PJ smiles for his momma as he passes by.
Flyer is cheered on as he also clocks in at 36 mph.
Stella gets a head start on Jaime and Stanley.
Stanley closes in while Jaime tries the flying position to catch up.
Neck and neck.
Stanley pulls a classic Stella move and tries to cut her off.
In the end, Stella wins by a muzzle.Kix, you’re not supposed to let your daddy win.
Louisa May got super close before she decided to veer off. I can read her ‘Therapy Dog’ tag.
Ashleigh is cheered on by her daddy. We had kept her for a bit when she was returned from her first family. Sweet girl. Sadly, she died a few days after this picture was taken of a sudden stroke.
Puddin shows why she is Queen of her backyard while Buford and her dad cheer her on.
Jaime cools down with some Frosty Paws.
Stanley liked it so much, he had seconds.
My kids hang out with Sallie and her mum and pop as the party winds down.
Blue and Abby get one last potty break before heading back home.
Flyer and Frito are sad that their mum is packing up.
But it’s never too late to smooch on your pup.