Monday, April 30

Greyhounds in Gettysburg

Better known as GIG. Some people go for fun. Kris goes to trim nails as part of the VAGA vending tent. We raided the basement and packed up the VAGA van.
I only went up for Saturday. To meet a couple of fellow bloggers, and to help Kris repack the van after vending was over. Luckily, the rain held off till we were all packed up. Stanley is the greeter.
Stanley managed to have a personal babysitter most of the time.
It wasn’t just for the greyhounds. Some, like this Ibizan hound, looked like smaller greyhounds.
Some like this deerhound are bigger fuzzier versions.
We got to meet up with Tales and Tails and Shutterhounds. We managed to line all the kids up. From left to right is Bunny, Jaime, Stella, Stanley, and Parker.
After then initial greetings, Stanley got tired and had to rest his head on Stella. Bunny is not sure what that is about.
Then Jaime rests her head on Stanley. Look away Bunny.
Bunny comes over to show me her new leather collar. Ooh, pretty!
Jaime was not done yet. She snagged Bunny as she was walking by.
Much to Bunny’s dismay, Kuster joined us. I believe his orange hankie says, ‘the greyhounds are with me’.
Kuster and Parker are very focused on the treats in Mr. Taleteller’s hand.
Too bad this is out of focus, but I think the intent is clear. Kuster is not happy about Bunny photobombing his shot.
Meeting Bunny and Kuster wore them out.
Stella giving us the sad face as we repack the van.

Friday, April 27

Spring Is In The Air

Minus all the crazy pollen, we’ve had a very enjoyable mild Spring. Someone is feasting on the abundance of seeds.
Not very cooperative. Guess he likes to eat in private.
Kris found a nest of baby Cardinals in our euonymus bushes. I went to check them out, and Mama was not happy about it. She gave me an earful.
They were so cute. And hungry.
Daddy stopped to give me the stinkeye before feeding the babies.

Sunday, April 22

Go Take A Hike

After reading about the fabulous hikes taken by Bunny and Hiking Hounds, we decided that our geriatric crew could go on a little hike at a local park, Alum Springs Park.
I wanted to get a pic of Stella next to the stream, but she wouldn’t stand still for more than a second when I tried backing away for a shot, giving a slightly skewed perspective
Stanley said he would patiently wait for us while laying on the comfortable root-strewn trail.
After one shot, Stella was done, and headed back to the pack.
I tried to to get the kids lined up for a shot. Didn’t go so well.
Unless I was going for the 3-rump shot.
After that fiasco, the kids were eager to get back on the trail.
Unlike the greyhounds, Parker stood nicely for his pic when I placed him on a little ledge.
After a bit of hiking, Stella finally realized that we didn’t come to dump her off in the woods, and allowed me to step away for a shot.
We had been at the park for a couple of hours. More than enough to send them into a coma till dinner time.

Sunday, April 15

Easter on Parade

On Easter weekend, we headed down to Richmond for the ‘Easter on Parade’ on Monument Ave. The requisite shot of the kids heading toward the festivities.
Once we reach the James River Greyhounds booth, Stanley runs into Dinah who also has on bunny ears.
Stella wonders what kind of ‘cow dog’ is that?
Stella: I’m pretty sure the kids are gonna wanta pet us. Stanley, you take that side, and I’ll handle it over here.
Even though Stanley’s ears refused to stand up, how you anyone resist wanting to pet his bunny soft head.
Jaime wonders if she is colorful enough to fit in with all the bright Easter colors.
Of course you are!
It didn’t take long for Stanley to call it quits.
So we headed back to Trina’s. The weather was so nice, we sat on the deck drinking some wine, and watching the kids have fun. The greyhounds quickly pooped out, but that wasn’t going to stop Petey from having his fun.
Petey: Call my mommy, I think this lady is touching my wee-wee.
Henry wasn’t much for running around, but he did enjoy basking in the sun from his favorite spot in the yard.
What is the running theme of these following sets of pics? When there was only one bed outside, it was was Stella and Cali.
A poofier bed shows up. It is Stella and Cali.
Cali moves, and it is Stella and Dana for a bit. While poor Jaime lays on the deck.
Was Stella being stinky? Only Jaime and Stanley are willing to share with her.

Tuesday, April 10

Saturday, April 7

Nike & Ella

The littermates, Nike and Ella came to stay with us for a few days. The girls know how to relax. And it turned our house into a brindle party. Jaime, Nike, and Stella catch some rays, while Parker is on patrol.
Sometimes Parker barks at things only he can see. The brindle girls ran down in the yard when Parker gave the alert, but they couldn’t see what he was barking at. Maybe the butterfly could see it from it’s perch.
Danger averted, the girls head back. Nike in the lead, then Stella.
Ella passes Stella at the turn.
A dead tie between Ella and Nike.
It was nice and sunny while they were here. Nike tries to create some shade with her own ears.
Ella does her impression of a Pointer.
Or maybe it was just all the pollen, and she was about to sneeze.
Ella loved running around the yard. Stanley thinks about joining in, while Stella is on patrol.
Yes, Stella, you have to share the couch. I know you were going to stretch out and take that entire end, but you were a bit slow, and Jaime wanted to snuggle with her big sis.