Sunday, October 21

Brindle Party

Last weekend was quiet. Kris and her dad went to watch the Hokies play, so Murphy and the kids ‘watch’ the game. I watched from the floor.
Milo and Charlotte (dark brindles in front of tv) were the last boarders on the calendar before we move. But a last minute emergency request had Nike and Ella (bottom left and right) staying with us for the weekend. It’s a Brindle Party. Kris is pricing Houndstown collars for the VAGA annual picnic Sunday afternoon.
Milo is contemplating his last stay with us. Or he might just be sleeping.

Nike is more concerned with Mr. Greyson who is taunting her from upstairs. Meow!!!

Sunday, October 14

Fredericksburg Dog Festival

Last weekend was the Fredericksburg Dog Festival. Kris took Jaime and Stanley in the morning. I opted for the afternoon shift. This is what I found when I showed up with Stella and Parker. Face-Paint girl was quite happy to snuggle with Breeze.
Actually she was in a Phoebe-Breeze sandwich.
There were so many breeds of dogs. Even some Mini-Me’s.
Dip’s distant American cousin is not impressed with being in the ring for dog tricks.
Even less impressed to be placed in a stroller with a kitty.
Being in a stroller must be the trendy thing.
Parker was greeting a couple of Boxers, but then they all got distracted by group of dogs walking by.
Doing her best impression of the poster.
Definitely does not smell like a butterfly.
I watched for a few minutes while his daddy tried to convince him that the plastic bag was worth chasing.
All it took was throwing in his two brothers.
Leonberger, meet the greyhounds.
Stella is tired of standing on her feet, and wants a pair of Five Fingers of her own.
The Festival closed an hour early as the wind gusts started and the sky darkened.Jaime was happy to recuperate on the couch after pulling a double shift.

Thursday, October 4

Waiting Game

Within the span of a couple of weeks, we accepted the offer on our house, and our offer was accepted on the new house. Both houses are past the inspection stage and are awaiting appraisals. If all goes well, we’ll be moving the week of Thanksgiving. If all doesn’t go well, we might be ‘homeless’ for Turkey Day.
Stan and Stella are happy that we no longer have to move beds for showing of the house.
Jaime is much happier on the couch.
Stella must have thought Dusty was Jaime, or let him snuggle with her because this the last time we will be babysitting him. We’ll be too far away after the move.
They look very similar. Good thing they have different colored collars.
Just a cute shot of the segregated couch.
Now the kids just have to be patient and wait for the move.