Monday, January 30

Debbie's Kids First Sleepover

We watched Debbie’s kids this past weekend. She is the president of our adoption group, Virginia Greyhound Adoption. Her kids have never spent the night anywhere but at home. This is their first sleepover.Gracie is not phased at all, and makes herself at home on the couch.
Leah is a momma’s girl. Leah Longstocking, I promise your mum will come back for you.
Gracie agrees that the triple-stacked beds are even more comfortable than the couch.
Gracie shows Kramer how to use the ramp. Not sure why most dogs don’t make full use of the ramp, and would rather jump up at this point.
Outside, Kramer was always on the move. Mostly had his head down, which does not make for great shots.
I stalked him until he stopped to see what I was up to.
Kramer waits by the window for his mum.
I hear a car. Is that her coming back for me?
I would like to thank Hiking Hounds, Treasure What You Have,  Brindle Hounds , and A (Greyt) Dog Blog for the Pawsome Blogger Award.

Friday, January 27

Angry Birds

Recently, Trina said she had picked up some Angry Birds toys at Costco. As it turned out, we needed to hit Costco for dog food a few days later.
Checking out the Birds and Pigs. Chirp, chirp, oink, oink.
Stella and Puddin are wondering if they will get their own pack to play with.
Stanley is not impressed enough to get off his bed.
Jaime nibbles till she hears a crunch.
Mommy, can I have another. This one stopped squawking.
Nom, nom, nom...

Friday, January 20

Brindle Party

Our most recent boarders, Walker, and Puddin and Buford, were all brindles. That made 5 brindles, one black greyhound (Jaime), and one black Parker.
Buford is a bit of a weenie, and finds a spot away from everyone until he settles in.
All brindles aren’t the same. Top is Walker, and bottom is Puddin.
Walker says he will ‘guard’ the front door, as long as there is a comfy dog bed.
After a bit, Buford says he is ready to join the main group in the living room.
No, really. I am ready.
Walker liked to lay by the bed at the end of the couch looking for a little attention.
Just pet me already.
Puddin was happy to be on a dog bed in the living room cuddling with the orange gorilla.
But her favorite spot was in the mini-couch with her head propped up against the human couch.

Monday, January 16

Da Plane Da Plane

I don’t hear anything daddy. Are you sure? I even have one ear flipped for super-hearing mode.
I think he might be right. I don’t hear anything either.
Wait, wait. I think I might hear something.
Oh, I think I might see something. Chatter, chatter...
Da Plane, Da Plane!

Friday, January 13

Jaime the Lovebug

Jaime is a Lovebug. Sometimes with people, but mostly with other greyhounds. She doesn’t like to be alone, and is always looking for someone else to be near.
And maybe it’s a black dog thing, but she sure enjoys sunning on the deck.
The couch is too comfortable, so Stella eyes a bare patch of carpet.
Jaime had been tracking Stella, and barely waited for her to lay down. Stella: She’s back there again, isn’t she?
Stella chatters ‘Mommy, help’! Parker is comfortable in his bed and wants nothing to do with this.
Sorry, Stella. Daddy is busy taking pictures.
Resigned to her fate, Stella gives up.

Sunday, January 8

Marrow Bones

As Trina mentioned a few posts back, we split half a cow (over 400+ lbs) with her. Freezer is full of beef cuts. Cows have bones. Now the kids have a yummy treat.
Stella gnaws on a bone. Between this and brushing their teeth, we’re slowly working on getting rid of the tartar.
Stanley finds a comfy dog bed to work on sucking out the marrow.
Jaime works on the fleshy bits before heading for the marrow.
Parker meticulously works on every bit of the bone.
Daddy, ain’t no meat left, and I done sucked out all the marrow. Can I have another?

Thursday, January 5

Somebody Play With Me

We went to Aunt Trina’s for New Years. The sun was still out when we arrived, so I thought I’d get some pics of the kids playing in the yard. Mostly, it ended up being the old man, Henry, who did all the running around. He stretches in anticipation of a good chase.
Stella, will you play with me?
Come on! Play with me!
Why won’t anyone play with me?
I guess I’ll just wait here till some comes to play with me.
Stella: Won’t someone play with Henry? How else can I be the Fun Police?
Cali takes her up on the offer, and decides to give Henry some love nibbles.
Henry decides that boys are more fun and takes a stroll with Stanley.
It doesn’t take long before they are corralled by Cali, while Stella the Fun Police looks on. The goofy boys don’t stand a chance against two alpha girls.
Henry gives up on the other hounds. Hey Uncle G, do you want to play?