Friday, February 24

A week in Cleveland

Just got back home from a week in Cleveland. I’ve been to Cleveland a few times before for work. I stayed downtown not too far from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I tried to go once, but got turned away at the door b/c I had my camera with me. I think the $20 admissions fee is a bit steep, but it’s the not being able to take any pictures that keeps me from going. I stayed a few blocks from the ‘Warehouse District’ which is a revitalized area of downtown where all the new trendy restaurants are. I managed to eat sushi twice while I was up there. And this weekend, we are celebrating a friend’s birthday by going to Philly to eat at Morimoto’s. Sushi three times in a week. Now that’s a good week.

Saturday, February 18

Sit, Jennifer, Sit

Who says greyhounds don't sit? We had a Meet ‘n Greet today. We had probably close to a high of 20 or so greys show up. A nice lady came with her 7 year old grey to foster Jennifer with the option to adopt. We heard from her later that Jennifer was settling in nicely. I sure hope Jennifer works out there. If we have to take her back, we might ‘chip’ (can’t have just one) and have another ‘foster failure’. On another note, nothing much has happened from the original challenge that started this blog back in mid-January. I have definitely been keeping up with my blog better than my wife or Aubry. Now I guess we’ll move onto a bigger writing project. Game On!

Wednesday, February 15

Jen catching sun

Jennifer is really starting to settle in. Here she is laying in the corner of the yard. There is still snow on half the yard, but it’s 60 degress today. She’s getting used to our routine, hasn’t had a squabble with our other dogs, but was involved in a smackdown with Noah the crabby cat. I was shoveling snow on Monday and heard lots of barking inside. I came in to find Noah surrounded by all the dogs. I yelled so loud the dogs all went flying in different directions. Hopefully she got the message. I’m sure Lucas (the lemming) was part of the problem. When I checked on Noah later, I swear he was drawing what looked like a pulley system of some sort on the dry eraser board :)

Sunday, February 12

Jennifer's First Snow

We got quite the snow storm last night. They forecasted up to 10“, and I think we got pretty close. Lucas and Stella have seen some snow earlier this year, but Jennifer is just a week off the track in Florida. As you can see in the picture (Lucas, Jennifer, and Stella in the rear), the greys treated cold snow like it was warm sand at the track. Parker decided it was safer to watch all the action from the safety of the deck.

Friday, February 10

Another Foster: Lucky Jennifer

Another day, another foster. I picked up another two fosters today at the vet: Lucky Jennifer (sister to Annie) and Prissy. So for a little while today until Prissy’s foster family came to pick her up, I had 3 fosters, Stella, Lucas, and Parker. Can you pick them out in the picture? I boiled 10 lbs of chicken and made another batch of rice in the cooker. My guys love it when we have fosters because they get chicken added to their food. They can tell the difference between home-made and canned chicken broth. Jennifer is staying with us until she finds her forever home. Annie is going to Richmond this weekend, and possibly to Williamsburg after that.

Wednesday, February 8

New Foster Annie

We got a new foster today, Lucky Patsy Ann. We’re calling her Annie. She’s a blue brindle. A somewhat rare color. Picked her up at the vet where she came straight from the kennel. Somehow she already knew about stairs, dog beds and toys. She fit right into our little family. Maybe our guys are getting used to having fosters around. Tonight was graduation from basic obedience. Everyone got an award. Lucas got best heel on a loose leash. Stella got most attentive to her daddy.

Monday, February 6


Just got back from a week in Vegas. The picture of the Strip is from the top of the Stratosphere tower on a previous trip. The first half of the week was my company’s annual meeting. It was good to see some of my coworkers since we’re all field-based and don’t have a water cooler to hang around. After the meeting, my wife came out to join me through the weekend. This outing was much more relaxing than our previous ones. Since we’ve been there several times in the past few years, we didn’t feel the need to try to see and do everything at once. Last time out for us was our wedding just outside Vegas at Red Rock Canyon. Then back to Vegas to party. This time we stayed at the Flamingo for a retro feel. The highlights of our trip were a dinner at Bradley Ogden’s at Caesar’s and seeing “O” (Cirque du Soleil) at the Bellagio.