Sunday, September 29

New Collars

Kris took Stanley and Kelli to Beach Bound Hounds with Trina, who took her Cali and Dana. Kris came back with a new Houndstown collar for Kelli. We're going with the green theme for her (embroidered collar and leash too).
She also came back with a new collar for Jenny. Jenny is definitely more girly than Kelli, so she got the pink collar. Who gets a new collar for their fosters? Guess this means she's our now.
Oh, and not only does Kelli like to collect toys on our bed. She likes to destroy Stanley's wiffle balls. What would have lasted Stanley years, got destroyed by Kelli in a matter of minutes. We'd take the chewed one away. She'd go to the basket and get another. And now we are a wiffle ball-free household.

Sunday, September 22

Jenny Craig

Meet Jenny. She will be 11 years old in a couple of months, and is our latest foster dog. She is nicknamed ‘Jenny Craig’, because her name is Jenny, and we got her off Craigslist. Yep, free to a good home. She had been living outside for several months. Now she’s inside with my kids. Of course she picked the biggest cushiest bed.
She is a pro at using the doggie door. She seems quite happy to be able to go in and out by herself.
Kelli: Daddy, is this my good side?
How’s my snaggletooth?

How about this pondering look?

Friday, September 13

Furniture Friday

I’m sure it had nothing to do with the fact that 3 or 4 dogs would lay in the bed all day long, after sleeping on it with us all night long. Poor bed never got a chance to recover. So it was time for new mattresses. Since they are of the same make & model this time, and we got matching covers, it looks like one big bed.
Once the beds were made, and the baby gate went away, dogs appeared like magic. The extra is Blue, who is all for new bed testing.
We also got new night stands and dressers, but the kids were only interested in the beds. I know you're a touchy-feely group, but you guys can spread out.
There, plenty of stretch room for everyone.
With the boys elsewhere, the girls take their turn at synchronized napping.

Monday, September 9

Stella's Last Chemo & Kelli Settles In

Over 4 months later, Stella had her last  of 5 chemo treatments two weeks ago. She goes in for a final checkup next Monday. Yes, Stella, you really are chemotherapy graduate.
The people who normally day break our dogs celebrated their first anniversary, and we watched their pups. Sooie is not used to a big yard, and took full advantage of it.
Her sister, Belle, is too refined to be caught doing such things. Their brother, Beau, spent most of his time in the bedroom napping with my kids.
Kelli quickly upgraded from crate pad, to dog bed, to human bed. Much like Stella and Stanely, she sees no real point in ever getting off. She seems to be ok with being in a headlock.
Greyson heard she was cat-friendly, and had to come and see for himself.
She was initially a bit hesitant about going in the yard. After having mastered that, and the bed, there was only one thing left to do. The toy basket.
Back to the bed with her prize. She carries them to bed throughout the day. The stuffies are not a problem, but we have to make sure there are no bones or antlers before we get into bed for the night.