Tuesday, November 26

Comforting Stella

It’s almost like Stanley knows that his sister is very sick, and is letting her know that he is there for her.

Wednesday, November 20

Celebratory Weekend

We had a lot to celebrate this past weekend. 
The last post was about Lena. We took Lena to a Meet ’n Greet on Sunday, and a previous VAGA adopter came with her two girls, and went home with three. She had recently lost her boy, Tristan, who we fostered for about 4 months. First time in a while it’s just been our kids at home.
It was our 10th anniversary on Saturday. We opened a bottle of wine we purchased right after we got married. It was a 2nd Grand Cru, so it held up quite nicely. Still had some tannins left. A well rounded Bordeaux.
Just so happens that our anniversary is also Ms. Jenny’s birthday. She turned double ones. As is tradition in our house, we cooked up steak.
Lets just say that everyone licked their bowls clean. Even Stella, who had just passed her 6 month Ampuversary. 
Jenny and Kelly went straight to napping to help digestion. 
Monday was my birthday, and we celebrated by going to a beer dinner at Magpie with Trina and Jason.

On a sad note, we noticed a new lump on Stella’s hip. On Monday, we took her to our regular vet who took X-rays and a biopsy. It was inconclusive, but considering where it was, what it didn’t show (osteo), and that Stella is a greyhound, the diagnosis was fibrosarcoma. We verified this on Tue with a trip to Stella’s oncologist. Stella has been pampered all year since her amputation and eating whatever she wants (roasted chickens and turkey, grilled steak). So the prescription is more of the same with some pain pills added in. She is in good spirits and doesn’t seem in any pain for now. We cherish every day we have with her.

Wednesday, November 13

Ms. Lena

Our latest foster is Ms. Lena. She’s a tiny little thing. I think she could walk under Kelli. She’s a spunky girl looking for a good home. She was returned from her original foster family for possible behavioral issues. But like many times before, they miraculously don’t manifest once they’re at our house. She’s been with us for a couple of weeks, and has settled in nicely. Even chewing on the deer horn.
Stinkeye and play bow at the same time.
Doing the dinner dance. Much more effective than the rain dance. When she dances like this, dinner miraculously appears.
Who wants an after dinner belly rub? Tail going ‘thwap thwap’ on the carpet.
Time for a nap with Kevin. 
Too lazy to hold her own bully stick.
Can someone light this funny smelling cigar for me?

Posing on the deck with a leaf. She just loves being outside.

Friday, November 8

Stella's 9th Gotcha Day

Yes, Daddy?
Did you know it was your 9th Gotcha Day this past Wednesday? That you started us down this path? You were our first greyhound. You were a 4-legged three and a half year old pup, and now you’re the 3-legged Ol’ Lady of the House.

Boy time flies. I’m tired just thinking about it.

Sunday, November 3

New Girl Mini Me's

We now have the complete set of Mini-Me’s for all our pups. Past and Present. And Lynne also sent a Mini-Me in honor of Mr. Greyson. Thank You, Lynne. The Mini-Me’s are enjoying the cool Fall weather, and the color change.
Lena (foster) helps Kelli check out her Mini-Me. Oops! The Mini-Me actually looks scared as she falls over.
Let the staring contest commence. Kelli lost.
Really, Daddy? Why? 
Jenny: My Mini-Me smells like Chihuahuas :)
Ok, I’m ready for my Mini-Me pose. Did I get my ears right?

If you would like your own Mini-Me, please check out Dip Dip and the Bridge and Mini Me’s.

Added Note: This is the link to the original Mini-Me's for my crew.