Sunday, October 20

Bed Situation

So this is our bed situation on most nights. A King and Queen bed smushed together should be plenty of space. In theory. In practice, not so much.
But Stella looks so comfortable with her one front leg hanging out. Can I really ask her to move? And Kelli in the background is all about the pillows.

Jenny says she is doing her part. After being an outside dog for most of the year, a double stacked dog bed is just fine with her.

Sunday, October 13

Goodbye Mr. Greyson

I am sad to say that we lost Mr. Greyson last week. He had a good 16 years with us. He was healthy up until the very end.
We were worried how he would settle in to the new house by himself without Isabel. But he really came out of his shell. He would stand at the front door and watch the world go by.
He even ventured out into the yard. With so many greyhounds going through the house, we had to start closing the door, which defeated the purpose of having a doggie door.
He also loved sitting on the couch where he could see everything. Can you tell there is catnip in that bag?
He even allowed the dogs to share the couch with him.
He was a good kitty. We will miss him. Not sure if the dogs will miss getting hissed and swatted at.

Sunday, October 6

New Girls & Gravel

Who would’ve thought we’d go from three dogs to five in a matter of weeks. Both girls are settling in nicely.
Lots of new things to be curious about. Kelli (New Girl) is fascinated with the dump truck pouring new gravel on our road. I’d help out, but I’m the only one of my neighbors without my own tractor.
Wasn’t long before Jenny (New New Girl) decided to come out and see what the fuss is all about. Being almost 12, and having been off the track for a long time, she’d seen lots of things in her lifetime, and quickly lost interest.
Kelli, on the other hand, just couldn’t get enough of the big noisy happenings on outside.
Kelli has been the big toy fiend, but Jenny had fun eviscerating the gorilla.
After Jenny was done, Kelli swooped in to complete the job.
A parting shot of Stanley. He had just returned from Beach Bound Hounds, and got his annual bath. He was tired from the beach and cold from the bath, so we covered him. You can see what made him so tired at Trina’s blog about Beach Bound Hounds.