Saturday, February 23

Stanley Heart Gorilla

The orange gorilla has been out of commission for a while. Leaking stuffing everywhere. Kris sewed him up last weekend.
Stanley was so happy to see his old friend, he took him out for a potty break.
Uh Oh. Stairs. Leave no Stuffie behind.
No problem. Just took a little readjustment.
Mr. Gorilla, I sure missed you.

Monday, February 18

Sly & Cooper

We recently had Sly and Cooper stay with us. They’ve been staying with us for years.
Jaime, Sly, and Stanley are waiting patiently for dinner. Stanley does it while contorting into Parker’s little bed. Parker waits by his momma, while she’s checking email. If you look at the top of the pic, there is Stella waiting from the comfort of the couch.
Cooper is a real couch potato, and doesn’t get up except to eat and do his business outside.
With a full belly, Sly prefers an after-dinner Roach in the comfy new bed.

Wednesday, February 6


For those of you that follow the antics of Dip, Bridge, and Elliot, the crocheted Mini-Me’s will be familiar. When I first saw them, I knew I had to get ones of my pups. We couldn’t be happier with them. Well worth the wait. Are you ready for cuteness overload?
We put them on the mantle next to their paw prints in glass. Parker. 
He really does look just like me. Captured my cuteness.
Wonder if he smells like me?
Looks like me. Smells like me?
Oh, I definitely see the resemblance now.
Sniff, sniff.
Already daddy, I’ll give you that she’s really pretty, but remember that there is only one original Stella. Me!
A little overzealous with the greetings.
Best way to test a Stan Mini-Me? Make sure it is a good napper.
She was able to capture so much of their likeness. How cute Parker is, how goofy Stanley is, how much of a Princess Stella is, and how beaten Jaime always looks. I don’t think the images capture how big they really are. For some reason, I thought they’d be the size of Christmas ornaments, so I’m still surprised that the greys are 7 inches tall.The kids give each give it 4 paws up. You can get your own at her Etsy shop, or email her from her Blog. Added Note: Please contact her directly at for more info on how to get your own.

Saturday, February 2


We got a second snow last week. Just a dusting this time. The light stuff. Stella seems to have some on her nose.
She stood in the sunlight until it melted off.
Parker pretending that he is searching for truffles instead of poopsicles.
This past weekend, Trina and her parents came for a visit. Can you see all 9 pups in the picture? You can guess where Cali is. Trina’s mom has all three of the little ones.
Stella and Cali, the two Queens, keep an eye on their underlings in the yard.
Obviously, Shane learned how to lay in a bed from Stella.
Now meet Bo-Berry. We haven’t had a foster fresh from the track in a while. What a cutie pie.
With a serious overbite.
Who quickly learned about toys. Appears she is piling them in the sunlight to keep them warm.
Even though she had left Florida just a couple days before, she didn’t seem to mind the snow at all.
Learn by example. Jaime shows Bo-Berry how to do the stairs.
The beds were a different story. She initially preferred the towel we put in front of the back door to wipe paws. Is this how you’re supposed to do it?
Is this the right size?
She finally figured it out.

Now for a game of Hide n Seek.