Sunday, May 31

Jaime's Birthday Week

Today is Jaime's birthday. She turned 7. She's showing a bit of greying in the muzzle.
For her birthday week, she went the vet and got a checkup including senior wellness bloodwork. She also got a dental. She shows off one of her clean teefers.For her actual birthday, we broke out the big treat. Dried squid. The rawhide of the sea.The kids go crazy for it.Since it was her birthday, Jaime got the head and tentacles.Stella, being a princess, was very delicate with her squid.Stanley focuses on enjoying the flavor of his piece.Parker doesn't mess around. He takes his squid very seriously. Or maybe he just wants to show off all his crooked teefers.Squid always makes Jaime sleepy.I stayed home with the girls and Parker this past week. Stanley and Kris went to Mountain Hounds with Trina and Cali. Sounds like they had a great time. They brought back an unexpected guest. FLEAS!!! Even though everyone is Frontline'd, they all got a flea bath for good measure. The last time the greys got a bath was probably 2 years ago.The kids stand in the sun to dry off.The girls wonder why Parker is rolling around getting dirty right after getting a bath.As a treat for being so good for bath time, the kids got some raw wing tips. Yummy.

Sunday, May 17

More Babysitting and Another VAGA Haul

I’m not sure who’s in the shot, but it was a nice day a couple of weeks ago, so everyone decided to catch some rays in the yard.Stella just looked so comfortable in the yard.Nike and Ella learn about Peruvian Pisco from the Thirsty Traveler.VAGA had another haul this past weekend. We had 8 greys for our group, and 10 traveled on to Canada. Two were dropped off in Richmond, and the rest made it up to Fredericksburg, where everyone got a long awaited potty break. One of the foster’s, Maxine is going to meet Hero. She seems to be settling in to the retirement life.Here is a group shot of everyone: VAGA-adopted greys, VAGA-foster greys, and greys going on the Canada. Serious potty break. Pat, on the left, started driving up from Florida the night before, and still had a bit of driving to do.We brought Bunny back home with us. She is being adopted by the son and daughter-in-law of Abby & Blue’s mom and dad. Bunny is a shy 10 year old girl who has only known the farm life. Peaches, now Breeze, also got officially adopted during the new haul. She has a new sister, Candy the Husky mix.During this past week, we had Topsail. I was on the road most of the week and didn’t get a picture of him. Sunny came to us on Saturday. Then Abby, Blue and Breeze left Saturday night. Sunday morning, we got Fern and Dusty. Here are Fern and Sunny pointing their paw at the other one. It wasn’t me! Hard to tell them apart.Dusty is happy-go-lucky boy. Jaime always likes it when we have another black grey in the house.Whew! Hope I didn’t miss anyone.