Friday, August 17

More Babysitting

Coming and Going. Clayton & Jasmine and Merit & Vesta went home. Add Sabrina for a week. Much more manageable. It makes a big difference at feeding time. Here are seven of the greys eating with the two little ones outside. Daisy is a beagle, and Parker is a beagle-mix. Both are willing to risk their lives for the chance to steal a bit of food. So they eat first and get booted out. Don't forget the fun of poopy patrol.
Gratuitous couch shot of Stella, Parker and Jaime. Since the boarders are using up all the dog beds. They have no choice but to band together on the couch.
This is as close as Stanley gets to getting on the couch. He loves to sleep with us on the bed. Notice how other dogs may come and go, but Stella and Jaime can always be found on the couch.
Does Daisy looked relaxed?
Stanley loves having boarders. They come with new different beds and toys that he can use. He loves snuggling with new toys.

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  1. maybe it is a girl thing. i'm a couch hog to my husband. stella and jaime just look like you threw them there and they stayed as they landed. funny dogs.