Tuesday, January 26

Sweet Pea and Yahtzee

Kris and I haven’t done a dog haul in quite a while. We picked up three this past weekend. All had homes, but we kept one girl overnight till her new mommy could pick her up the next day. Sweet Pea is a tiny shy girl.She didn’t seem so shy when her new mommy and sister came to pick her up. Esprit is 11 years old.Yahtzee is staying with us while she recovers from this.A trip to the vet got her an E-collar. From the look on her face, I’m guessing the camera shutter noise is probably bouncing around inside the cone.Nice stitching job. The drain should help with the edema.It didn’t take her long before she was feeling better and claimed a dog bed. She’s so small, she actually fits in.By the second day, she felt so good, it was time to claim a space on the couch.This is Stanley’s feeble attempt at the ‘dogpile’ contest.

Tuesday, January 19

Knuckle Bones & Tristan's Forever Home

We hadn’t been to Costco since before Thanksgiving. We usually avoid it during the entire Holiday Season. So our pantry was pretty bare. The kids decided to help unloading.They were lots of help.The kids got big ol’ knuckle bones from Aunt Debbie. Of course Parker found a nice safe place under the coffee table.Jaime, Tristan, and Stella settled into their usual spots.No room for Stanley, so he was relegated to a lone bed.As Trina wrote in her blog, we went to Marrakesh for Kris’ birthday. They were nice enough to put up the picture of the ‘crazy greyhound ladies’ on their website.Tristan also found a forever home. It is just his mom and sister, so no commotion. That should make him happy. I will take it as his sign of approval that when we were leaving, he just laid on a dog bed next to his sister, chewing on a greenie, without a care. He had been with us five months. But we were waiting for that special home for him. We will miss you Tristan. A parting shot.The kids missed Tristan so much, that they went back to knawing on their knuckle bones. But a prayer to the knuckle bone gods first.It’s not like we don’t have enough beds. There’s a time to snuggle, and a time to knaw on bones. Obviously, these two are confused.

Sunday, January 3

Twelve Roo's of Christmas

We saw this almost 4 foot long orange gorilla at an online North Carolina greyhound group auction. Thought the kids might enjoy it for Christmas. As usual, Stanley looks on with passive disinterest.Stella, as Queen of the house, steps up for first dibs.Is it big enough to share? Jaime and Tristan give it a try.Stanley looked so sad, that we ended up taking the gorilla to him.He found it more to his liking as a pillow than a stuffie.Tristan thought that was a grand idea.Nap time with the orange gorilla.A few weeks before Christmas, Kris was commenting that we weren’t going to have that many boarders this year. Spoke too soon. For Christmas weekend, we had an even dozen. If you’ve never heard a dozen dogs roo in a confined space, I highly recommend it :) From bottom left going clockwise, it is Sasha, Nixa, Parker, Chloe (whippet), Stanley, Jaime, Stella, Sugar, Tristan, Beverly, and Topsail. Max was upstairs with me helping compose the shot.The Holiday Season made the girls super snuggly.Beverly and Stanley had their own touchy-feely thing going.Jaime thought the brussel sprout stalk was a special Christmas treat.What is different about this picture? For Christmas, Tristan treated himself to a spot on the couch. After being with us for so long, I guess he just couldn't stand it any longer. He can now also be found on our bed too. Fosters are not allowed on the couch or bed, but Tristan no longer considers himself as such.Stanley holds on to his sister, while Jaime stretches out, kicking Stella off the couch in the process.The snow finally melted a little. Most of the yard is still covered in snow/ice. The greyhound in the front yard is finally starting to peek through.