Saturday, April 13

Visit from Foreign Dignitaries

Stella and Jaime rest in anticipation of their arrival. They’ve never had anyone travel so far to meet them.
Could this be it? Nope. This is Rachel, our foster for the day. The kids were eager to get a better sniff, as she smelled of Florida and reminded them of their racing days.
Rachel was starving from her long trip.
That made her sleepy, so she curled up in one of Parker’s beds.
They didn’t have to wait long. Fabian (blue) and Omo (white) had arrived. All the way from Australia via Texas. Such jetsetters. We knew IHateToast from her blog in Australia, Needle Noses & Fat Tyres, but referred to her as Katy.
We had a little greyhound party in their honor. You can read more about it at Trina’s blog, My Roo Spot. I think the final tally was 16 dogs and 6 people. The scenery of dogs was always changing. Can you find all 10 here?
Fabian wasted no time in digging himself a nice hole under the ramp to lay in. Parker was very impressed that a Tripawd could dig so well.
Fabian shows off the latest yoga move, ‘Sleeping Tripawd’.Omo wasn’t into yoga, and found the comfortable Kirkland beds to be a good reason to have come to the States.
Shane is still mastering the new style of Kirkland bed.
Trina and Shiloh are delighted to meet Omo.
The weather was great. Not too sunny, not too hot, not too humid. Perfect for a greyhound get-together. Can find all 12 in this pic? Some are only a nose or a rump.
Petey: Why do they always bring me to these greyhound parties? Don’t they know I’m a chihuahua mix?
Katy with her Mama’s boys.
The three ladies were always within reach of a wine glass and a hound to hug on.
Yes Jaime, that is not an illusion. That is another Tripawd running in the yard.
We did a lot of musical beds. There was rarely an empty one.
As the sun went down, we sat by the fire pit roasting marshmallows. Actually, we just took another bottle of wine with us.
When the fire died down, it was quite chilly, so we moved the party inside. It’s hard to see from this angle, but there are 9 dogs in this shot. To make room for everyone, my guys were already in our bedroom sound asleep.
From the last pic, it looked like Katy and Bob were dogless. Not so.
After a long day of playing with the greyhounds, Petey was ready to say goodnight.