Wednesday, October 20

Return of Sweet Jorja

Some weekends are fairly quiet with only a couple of extra kids.Sly and Cooper are brothers from Texas.And some weekends, not so much. Clockwise from bottom left: Tina, Stanley, Stella, and Dusty on the couch, Sunny, Nellie, and Fern on dog beds, Parker and Jaime stretched out on the floor, and Gertie standing over sweet little Jorja.Gertie and Jaime are trying to figure out what this little bundle of energy is.Whatja doin’ up there, mister? She has grown since I picked her up months ago in the Jorja & Flat Brutus post.

Sunday, October 10

Fredericksburg Dog Mart

Last weekend in Fredericksburg was the annual Dog Mart. It was held downtown this year and included a parade. We dressed the kids up in their Halloween hats which seemed to weigh down Jaime's head on Stanley’s back, and Stanley’s head on Stella’s back.They thought they were mushing in the Iditarod.I explained to the kids that their tiny Dremel was no so bad.What is it about Stanley that makes little kids and little dogs want to lay down with him. That Frenchie sure was cute! Stanley said the last Frenchie he saw was black and made of cardboard. Go Flat Brutus!Harry receives a kissy. That’s pretty stinkin’ cute!Tired from being told how cute they are, and with no bolstered beds to lay on, Stanley and Jaime prop each other up.Debbie brought Leah dressed up for Halloween. She sounded like a belly dancer as her anklets jingled when she walked.The greyhounds lined up for judging in the ring. Tempest got the Blue Ribbon, and Leah was runner-up. Congrats!Pooped out from the parade and a full day at the dog fair, the kids snuggle together for naptime on the sidewalk.