Friday, February 27

Pet Expo and More Tattoos

We met up with the Richmond crew for the Pet Expo. We only took Stanley and Jaime with us. They are very excited knowing there will be all kinds of new smells at the Expo.Had to say hi to all the other greys before heading off to see what else was at the Expo.Dolly and Diego practice their trick where he fits his entire head into her mouth.There was a 9 month old greyhound entered in the puppy races. He got beat by the Great Dane. Would’ve won if it was a sand track.Jaime greeting a cute goat toddler at the petting zoo.Two new inductees into the greyhound tattoo club. Seems to be all women so far :) Linda got the running greyhound on her foot. Debbie got the two greyhounds with hearts on her ankle.We had Maggie staying with us for the weekend. Dexter thought she was very pretty and decided he might go in for a kiss.You can see why. She is a very pretty girl.Dexter says he is a handsome boy, and she should be happy he showed interest.He tried to flatter her with his big ol’ ears.Since we didn’t take Parker to the Expo, we got a little present for him. Just the perfect size for curling up in.Even great for roaching.All new dog beds have to be claimed by Stella before anyone else can use it.

Saturday, February 21

PJ Weather

Old Man Winter has returned. No more 60’s and sunny in February. We bought the kids pajamas for Christmas.
Everyone standing in line waiting to have their picture taken.Stella, with a butterfly pattern, making sure that daddy’s gets her best side.Jaime, with a cupcake pattern, sidling up to her favorite outside snack. Poor tree. At least it’s not poop.Stanley, with a turtle pattern, goes a little hip-hop with one sleeve longer than the other. Oh, he looks so gangsta!Stella enjoys the cushiness of seven beds while the carpet gets steam cleaned.

Sunday, February 8

Tasha & Abby

Before I get to the latest fosters, just wanted to say that the picture for the month of February in the Celebrating Greyhounds calendar is of Jaime, Stella, and Lucas running in the snow.By chance, the picture this week in the desk calender is of Stanley running in the snow.My last entry ended with Tasha’s arrival. It’s been an week, and she’s a totally different gal. When she arrived, she was nervous about being on leash and loud noises startled her. Stella checks out the new girl. This is the startled wet nose in the bum look.A week later, she’s happy to be at a Meet ‘n Greet at a busy strip mall with lots of activity. Abby is snickering in the background.Speaking of Abby, she came to our house on Fri as our latest foster. She’s a teeny high-energy girl. We took her to the Meet ‘n Greet on Sat to wear her out, and she unexpectedly left with a new foster family.Everyone wanted to meet the little guys. A bystander actually said that Jack Russell’s were very fast, and that he would place odds on the Jack Russell off-lead. I’ve seen my guys run down Parker in the yard. I would definitely take that bet.Tasha actually went to another Meet ‘n Greet on Sunday, and ended up going on home with her new prospective family. So one weekend, two Meet ‘n Greet’s, and we are down to just our kids. It’s been months since our guys haven’t had to entertain a guest. What will they do to relax?
How about lick the grill grate while daddy gets ready to grill some pork chops.Jaime and Stella wait patiently in line. Actually Stella is rolling her eyes wondering if Stanley is ever going to finish.
I just checked out Michelle's blog to see how Pippi is doing?  Does this look familiar?

Monday, February 2

Bye Pippi, Wine & Pizza, and Tasha

We went down this weekend to Trina’s for a wine & pizza party. You can check out more pics at Nerice’s blog and Trina’s blog when she updates. We went down with 7 dogs in the car. Five greys in the back, Parker in Kris’ lap, and Murphy in mine. The greys looked like a jigsaw puzzle, Parker slept the entire time, and Murphy squealed and squirmed the entire way.
We came back with one less dog. We dropped off Pippi with Mitch and Michelle. After having her for so long, it was really hard to give her up. I try not to get too attached to the fosters. Just easier that way. But some just manage to worm their way in. I had one last snuggle session with her before she left. Stanley said he’ll miss her too. Stella is ignoring that the fact that daddy is snuggling with another girl.Dave from Bella Vino explained all the wines we were drinking.Our extra grey in the car was Sunny. Just watching her for the weekend. Here she is taking a break from socializing at the party.While Jason and Dabney made Irish Car Bombs, Kris decided she would stick with the wine.A gratuitous cutie shot of Diego.Nerice made cookies in honor of the Super Bowl on Sunday.Kris and Trina rockin’ it out while Iva sings.Stella and Stanley assisting in their own way.The pizza dough must have been talking smack.Stanley will stand as long as it takes to get a space on the couch.Kris and Trina: BFF with wine.Kris and Trina: BFF with more wine.Stanley’s wait pays off and he finally gets a spot.Diego: Why do people always pick me up and want to kiss me? Am I really that frakkin’ adorable?We came home Pippi-less, but we were not without a foster for long. Tasha joined us a couple hours after we got back home. She was a bit anxious the first night, but she seems to have settled down today. Here she is with Jaime in my office. She’s a big ol’ girl. We seem to get lots of black or brindle fosters.