Monday, March 31

Wine and Greyhound Painting

Back in February, I went to a fundraiser at Wine and Design to drink some wine and paint a greyhound. Wine and Greyhounds. Always a good combo. We were given a canvas with the outline of a greyhound.
Three brushes for the acrylic paint we were using.
With wine flowing, I start laying paint to canvas.
With our instructor McClean giving us pointers, we are all having a go at it.
Before I know it, I realize I am painting Stella. Miss you sweet girl.
Once finished with the painting, we put on a border. There even appears to be roaching greyhound painting.
A few more strokes, and a purple collar make Stella complete.
Kris and Trina finish off the wine while displaying their artwork. 

The best part was when McClean presented Joyce with a check for James River Greyhounds. Thanks for putting this together, Joyce. We had a blast. 

Monday, March 17

St. Paddy's Day Parade

We took the girls up to Fredericksburg on Saturday for the St. Paddy’s Day Parade at the local brewery. Too bad they didn’t get to ride the train.
We were getting lined up as the photographer for the local paper couldn’t resist coming by to take pictures.
The girls look good in green.
Kelli gets a kiss from Jenny for luck.

Jenny was a good girl and totally ignored the dachshund in the tutu, who was barking her head off.

Sunday, March 9

B&W Sunday - On The Bed

Parker catching some rays on the bed.
Kelli brought in a chunk of ice from outside, and decided to eat it on the bed.

Tuesday, March 4

Toofless Tuesday

ETS happens for many reasons in greyhounds. Losing teeth does not help. Stanley lost a couple of teeth on the same side after his last couple of dentals.
But Alle had to have all her teeth pulled as she is allergic to her own plaque/tartar.