Monday, August 27

Stanley Learns the Couch

Today is Clay’s last day here. He remembered us from his stay here last Christmas. He’s an only dog, and so enjoyed his time with the other greys. He just turned 11, but still likes to romp around the yard. Here he is taking a break surrounded by stuffies.
So Stanley is finally getting used to the idea of the couch. He’s not fond of sticking a foot between the cushions. Stella and Jaime are pros. They look like the high jumpers where they are twisting and in the roaching position as they are getting on the couch. So what happens now? Well, we are relegated to sitting on the floor.
Clay goes home today, and we got Midge and Maggie yesterday. They will be here for a week. I tried to get a picture yesterday, but as soon as I touched the camera, they were all over me. Hey mister, what’s that? Take my picture. Is this close enough? Nothing like nose prints on the lens for a good shot.


  1. Yeah for Stanley on the couch! Shiloh and Cali have successfully claimed the couch in my house..I get the recliner with dante. I get the stinky one.

  2. my husband and i don't see eye to eye on the couch thing, so i end up taking naps on the floor with the dogs.
    i must smell.