Tuesday, February 23

Back From Hiatus

Wow. It’s been a few weeks since my last entry. I could blame it on the loss of power one weekend. Been on the road all week the past several weeks and a full schedule on the weekends. Catching up on the Olympics before the DVR gets full. Love me some Curling. But basically, I’m just Lazy!
A Butcher shop opened up downtown, so we can now get locally grown grass-fed beef. And the kids love fresh marrow bones.Stella somehow ended up with two bones.Must have been Jaime’s. She got tired of gnawing, and decided to rest her jaw on a soft pillow.Hard to believe there is still snow on the ground here. Stella says NO MORE!!!Yahtzee says NO MORE!!! The ice was scraping up their legs. Yahtzee was adopted a couple of weeks ago, and is now happily living with her new family.We tried to make the best of it by sliding down our driveway in the plastic pool we use for the kids. It didn’t work very well.At least it was pretty to look at.Until we lost power for the weekend. We got out the lantern (for light and heat), covered up all the kids, popped open a bottle of wine, and got lots of reading done.We took them for a walk in the Winter Wonderland. Looks like a search and rescue team.They stayed still just long enough for a family portrait.Is that why we lost power? I guess we’ll walk the other way.Freeze, thaw, freeze, thaw makes for pretty icicles.This past weekend, we went to the Pet Expo in Richmond to get more fleecy beds since they kept stealing Parker’s. Stella looks left out.For those of you who love to drink wine and are within driving distance to Virginia, please check out Grapehound Wine Tour Virginia. We had a great time last year at the Grapehound Wine Tour at the Finger Lakes in New York. When you register, $5 of the $20 registration will go to your sponsoring greyhound group of choice. See you there.

Monday, February 1

Stella ... Fun Police

Unlike the last 20 incher, this snow storm was 8 inches of light fluffy snow. The kids were ready to play.
Stella imitates a baby bird in the hopes that she will be fed a stuffie.Parker eyes Stanley’s stuffie.Stella, being Stella, has cornered Yahtzee. Kicking snow in her face.Maybe I spoke to soon. Maybe she just wanted to practice synchronized snow spinning.Nope, I was right.Back to square one.Stella may have kept Yahtzee there all day, except something was rustling through the trees.They were very fast. Much faster than I am manually focusing through trees. Three deer were casually trotting through the neighbor’s yard.Meanwhile, oblivious to the deer, Jaime is having fun swinging a stuffie around.Yahtzee, Stella, and Stanley, and Parker told the deer to keep walking unless they were looking for trouble.Parker, having no chance of catching the deer, settled for saving his duckie from the snowy depths of the yard.Three on One. Hardly seems fair. But Stella ain’t scared.Yahtzee whispers in Stanley’s ear that she’s already been there, done that.Stanley can’t believe that Yahtzee took off, and Parker is already turning his back.Parker watches as poor Stanley is on his own.Run. Stanley. Run. Parker thanks Stanley for taking one for the team.