Friday, December 27

Jaime & Bridge

In memory of Jaime, Lynne of Dip-Dip and Bridge’s blog, made this wonderful watercolor of Jaime. We’ll frame it and proudly hang it in our house. We miss that sweet girl.
Lynne is multi-talented, as she is the maker of my kids Mini-Me’s.
She lost Bridge just before Christmas. The Holidays are an especially hard time to lose a family member. Even harder when it’s your Heart Dog. I lost my Heart Dog, Stella, right after Thanksgiving. 

It’s amazing how you can get so emotionally attached to a dog you’ve followed on the blogosphere, but never actually met in person. If you would like to leave some kind words, please pop over to Bridge’s blog.

Tuesday, December 24

Recent Boarders

We’ve had a return of some of our regulars the past couple of weeks. We have a whole new batch over Christmas, but that will be in a later post.
We always love having Jorja. She’s just a bundle of energy. We took her over to Trina’s where she had a blast playing with Petey. They were just the right size for each other.
But she needed a nap when she got back.
We also had Cooper. He is an old man, and appreciated that our beds are lower to the ground, so he could take a comfortable nap.
His brother Sly was just as happy to sleep in a couch bed.
Jenny has taken to the couch, and is even willing to share.
They were even playing footsies.

Monday, December 16

Kelli Turns 4

Yes, Daddy?
It’s my 4th Birthday today? Feed Me! I want a treat.
Thanks, that was yummy.

I’m going to go back to taking my nap, while you get my steak ready for dinner.

Sunday, December 1


STELLA!!! as yelled by Stanley. Kowalski that is. We let Stella go this past weekend. I sure miss that girl. 
She was not only in pain, but she lost control of both back legs. She couldn’t go potty by herself, and she refused to go with our help. She was too dignified for that.
She licked the tears off my face as we waited in the car at the vet, waiting for them to get prepared. I’d like to think she was telling me that it was ok, and that she understood. I held her head and looked into her eyes as the vet let her go. I wanted to be the last thing she saw as she went to the Bridge. For her to know I was doing this out of Love.
Our present Mini-Me mantle is down to 4 pups (Parker, Stanley, Jenny, Kelli), and our past Mini-Me shelf is at 4 pups (Stella, Jaime, Beth, Lucas). 
Can a house feel empty with 4 dogs? It sure can. Stella was such a big presence in our house.
She was our first greyhound, and my Heart Dog. She was a Daddy’s Girl. The end of an era for us. I did not grow up with any pets. But Stella started a trend. Even Kris only grew up with one dog at a time. Now, our house is more like a greyhound way-station. 
She was so much darker when she first came up. She quickly greyed, and took on a mature look.
One of the first pics I have of Stella and Parker. He quickly learned he could not out run the Stella.
When she first came, she wasn’t a touchy-feely dog at all. Jaime finally wore her down.
She was always excited to go for a ride. To fun places, like the Easter parade.
Or Halloween.
Or the Christmas parade.
She also turned out to be a gracious host. Willing to throw grand parties.
Stella could also Roo with the best of ‘em.
Greyhounds can sit. Even in snow.
I won't miss the chemo treatments. Or having to carry her out to the yard, so she could take care of business. Or trying to get her to eat after any medication. But I would do it everyday, if it meant she could be with us for another day. 
She was the Fun Police, a chatterer, a roo'er, and a roacher. She didn’t let a missing leg stop her from roaching.
Stella has been in the CG calendar every year since she's been with us. I think it was her personality shining through that got her in every time.
She will have many friends greeting her at the Bridge. She can again share a bed with Dante.
Or the couch with her brother, Lucas.
Or snuggle up with Jaime.
Or Stella can chase Jaime chasing Lucas again.

Run free Stella. You have all your legs back.