Tuesday, December 6

Stella the Fun Police

Stella is not only the Fun Police for other dogs in the yard. There is a special place in her heart for anything rolling on wheels. Especially delinquent kids in the neighborhood on skateboards. Oh, Oh, I think I see one of them suckas.
You won’t get away this time.
Wait, he changed direction.
I think I scared him away.
Daddy, did you see that? He won’t be bothering us again anytime soon!
Jaime, on the other hand, would rather stretch and catch some rays. What is it about black dogs sunning themselves?
Jaime: Daddy says enough with the barking. He sent me to get you.


  1. Someone has to have the job of policing skateboards!

  2. I feel better knowing that someone is keeping an eye on those skaters!

  3. LOL! Good job, Stella. And good job, Jamie! Great pics.

  4. Oh you are so brave. What a guard dog! Deccy x

  5. Frankie knows where you're coming from, Stella. His favourite game at the park is to scare random joggers and cyclists. We don't get many skateboarders. He races up to them and barks fiercely then turns and runs to me. I pretend he's not mine;) We don't go in the park much any more, lol!

    Beryl likes to sunbathe too. Weird, huh?

  6. Phew! Thanks Stella- you may be strict with the fun policing, but I sure feel safer now you've scared off those naughty Skaters!