Saturday, December 24

Christmas Adoption for Freia

We have our usual boarders for the Holiday Season. For a total of 10 dogs. One of them is a slow eater. Stanley, Jaime, and Parker, our resident vultures, wait for Jasmine to walk away.Narnia, now know as Freia, is not impressed that I keep following her around the yard snapping pictures.
Inside, after checking out the house, she relaxes while Strut looks on.
A ‘typical’ adoption at my house. Narnia, bottom right, relaxes while her new Dads get ready to sign on the dotted line.
With the couch mostly full, Stella, aka Couch Queen, was late to the game. Daddy, make them move.
Meanwhile, Ava loses interest in the adoption process, and decides to take a nap.
Unable to convince Jasmine to move over, Stella is forced to make do.
Freia is excited to go to her new home, and new Sheltie older brother. We heard they stopped off on the way home to load up on treats and toys at the pet store.


  1. Wow, that is a house full. Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  2. The perfect Christmas present. Wishing Freia much happiness in her forever home. Merry Christmas!

  3. What a fabulous Christmas this must be for Freia! I heard four hounds from our adoption kennel went to new homes yesterday just in time for the holidays, too. Merry Christmas to your whole family!

  4. What a greyt christmas present for Freia - her foreer home! I wish I could still foster.
    Happy Boxing Day to you all!
    Best wishes
    Sara, Tille & Raven

  5. I bet it was a very Merry Christmas for Freia and her new family. I hope you all had a great time yesterday.

  6. Is it just me, or does Freia seem like she has legs that go on forever? Even for a a greyhound. Hope she enjoys her forever home and her new Sheltie big brother!


  7. Congratulations to Freia and her new Dad's and Sheltie older brother:) What an awesome Christmas present for everyone!

    Stella doesn't look all that comfortable on her little corner of the couch, lol. At least she's there though.

  8. Can you imagine what Freia's new parents must have been thinking - that was quite an adoption scene :) Hope she has settled in nicely in her new home!

  9. I love a good adoption. Looks like they are going to be a happy family.

  10. I love the aerial photos you post!