Thursday, December 15

Charlottesville Mall Walk & Liebster Award

I think I am done adding to my lens collection for now. I don’t feel like getting a bigger camera bag. I tested the Canon ’70-200mm f/4L IS’ by stalking Stella in the yard.Stella impersonating a velociraptor with her big ol’ ostrich legs.
Stop following me. I don’t like to be watched when I’m looking for the perfect spot to do my business.
I’m just gonna stand here and close my eyes. If I can’t see you, you’re not there.
We watched Sly and Cooper, and Roadie and Sally, along with Jorja this past week. Roadie hadn’t moved in so long, Sly felt the need to check his pulse. Two toes on the carotid.
It’s been a while since we’ve been able to make it to Charlottesville for their Mall Walk. A time for dogs and people to catch up. We made plenty of stops to let people pet the dogs. But this pit stop was for the walkers. It was a chilly day, and a hot coffee was in order. Of course this drew a crowd of people for more petting.
It wasn’t long before Jaime was tired, and had to use Stanley to prop her up.
When that no longer sufficed, she just had to lay down.
Stella was staring intently at something. It turned out to be a white plastic bag. But this time, she was on to something. He actually stopped for a second from his nut-gathering to give Stella the Stinkeye.
I would like to thank BrindleHounds for the Liebster Blog Award. Pop on over to read about what Nibs and Ambam are up to.


  1. great photos, Gyeong! Are those Chilly Dogs coats they have on?

    Stella's quads look like jumbo drumsticks in that photo!

  2. I didn't see the bit at the top about the new lens. I had to go look in my bag to see what I had. I've got the 55-250 mm f/4 IS. In retrospect I wish I had planned my purchases a bit better. I've got a bit of overlap on the four lenses I have that could have been alleviated with some forethought.

  3. Congrats on your award. The mall walk looks like a great time. Love the photos of Stella.

  4. Great photos. Mum is very jealous of your camera & kit! Deccy x

  5. The Charlottesville walk looks like fun. Maybe we will make it up there one day. :) Congrats on the award.

  6. Stella is so pretty! Congrats on the award!

  7. Great photos.

    Does this mean that 70-200 is a permanent addition? It's an awesome lens, I loved that lens. I won't tell you that I traded mine in for 70-200 2.8.

  8. Your photos are top notch. I sometimes yearn for a decent camera but taking it along on walks and outings, and the way I keep dropping the camera I have now, I don't think I dare. Anyway, I would have no idea how to use it either!
    Best wishes
    Sara, Tille & Raven

  9. Great shot of Stella looking at the little critter! I'm envious of your photos too! I'm still working on mine. many lenses do you have? I have 3, but now that I've discovered the world of possibilities that open with them, I want more! :)