Friday, May 26

Lost Greyhound - Max

Max is a white with brindle male that is currently lost in Middleburg, VA. He has been lost for a couple of days now. It’s a bit over an hour away from the house, so I decided to trek up there this morning to see if I could catch a sighting of Max. The more people searching, the better the chances. I spent a couple of hours driving around the area and ran into quite a few others doing the same. It’s on the way to Blue Ridge Vet, at least the back way I take, so I was somewhat familiar with the area. This is Virginia horse country, so the properties are quite large and the area is quite rural. It would have been pure luck to catch a sighting of him since so much of the area is heavily wooded. As of this afternoon, haven’t gotten any updates that he has been seen or is safely back home. I hope our guys never get loose, but it’s nice to know that the greyhound community is there to support us if it happens.


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